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Jackson had all of Thanksgiving week off as break. Some moms and I were talking on the Thursday before the break. They were all looking forward to it. I believe the word “Woo hoo!” was used by all. Except me. I said, “Am I the only one dreading this break?” Apparently, I was. One mom … Continue reading

Attitude Boy

Let me start out with: I love my son. I really do. He’s a smart, talented little guy. OK. Moving on. I’m not sure when it started, exactly. I know it’s been awhile… Since before Christmas break. Jackson has turned into Attitude Boy Example: It was Young Authors’ Night at school. I asked Jackson to … Continue reading


Today, I turned 36. Honestly, it wasn’t a very good day. I worked ’til 2 am, got to bed around 4, woke up at 10:45. Picked Jackson up from school, then he talked me into rollerblading while he rode his bike. (Rollerblading is really hard on my knee.) Jackson and I took Firefly (cat #3) … Continue reading

Hell on Wheels, Part Two

So, the day after the hair-pulling incident, Jack was a model citizen at day care. We began using Jamba Juice as a reward – have a good day at Angie’s, get Jamba Juice. (The Matcha Green Tea Smoothie is his favorite. Let there be no doubt that this is my kid.) He was normal to … Continue reading

Hell on Wheels

In the past two weeks, Jack has gone from being your run-of-the-mill toddler to Rosemary’s baby. While he was once a bit whiny if he didn’t immediately get what he wanted, and he could certainly hit if he was in the mood, he wasn’t all trouble, all the time. This is the report we got … Continue reading

January Year-End Update

Jack is 2 years old! We will celebrate his 2nd birthday with a small party on January 30. (We had to postpone the party due to illness.) His grandparents are here for his actual birthday on January 17. Jack is 28 pounds, 8 ounces. He is over 33 inches tall; he will not stand or … Continue reading