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Why Facilitators Don’t Exist in Robyn’s Adoption Land

In my last post, I wrote that facilitators would not exist in Robyn’s Adoption Land. First, let’s explain what a facilitator is, and why it is not an agency. American Adoptions (an agency) defines “adoption facilitator” as an “unlicensed organizations or individuals offering adoption services, which is illegal in 20 states.” Adoption.com, an information site, … Continue reading

I’m Ambivalent About Lil Snee & AdoptLink

We were matched with Cassie’s birthmother through Lil Snee’s facilitation service, AdoptLink. Lil maintains an Available Adoption Situations page, which I checked pretty much daily. I inquired about a situation in June 2011, but that one had more “birthmother expenses” than I was comfortable with. However, I did send Lil our home study, profile book, … Continue reading


Nothing promising to report. We registered with Adoption Consultants Inc. to be shown when their contracted families don’t meet the expectant mothers’ needs. I contacted Adopt America 411 about a biracial girl due soon. I never heard back. I contacted Angel Adoptions about an African American girl due on July 31. I emailed them twice. … Continue reading