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Did You Have a Point Back There?

Back in March, I wrote “Someone Is Wrong on the Internet.” Why did I do that? I’m glad you asked! I belonged to two groups about “African American” hair. On one of them (one that doesn’t have any restrictions on sharing or quoting posts) a woman asked a question. The absurdity of the question and … Continue reading

Dealing with the loss of your parents…

I’m cheating today, and re-blogging a post by TAO. Read this. Send it to your parents, relatives, and friends. Plan for the end of life before it’s too late. Don’t leave your loved ones guessing about what you would have wanted, how to pay your bills, and what all your passwords might be. Death is … Continue reading

Umm… Did they think this through?

(originally published on LiveJournal) Isn’t the “Next Generation” what we’re trying to prevent by buying (and presumably using) condoms? Current Location:home, Antioch, CA Current Mood: busy Current Music:Olympics