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We never intended to have another cat. When we moved to California, my wonderful, compassionate, lovable Katchoo died. Sassy remained, and, over time, became a loving, huggable kitty too. But Sassy did not like other cats. We had a kitten, Giles, for four short months (he died of FIP). Sassy had hated Katchoo, and she … Continue reading

The Way We Were

My mom died on May 21, 2009. My dad wanted me to sing at her funeral. My sister and I ended up cantoring the Mass, but I sang a solo during Communion. My mom was a huge Barbra Streisand fan, so I had to sing something of hers. I knew two songs – “Memory” and … Continue reading

My Mother Is Still Dead

I hate May. April’s not that great either. My mom died five years ago, May 21, 2009. I have a post already drafted for that auspicious anniversary. But today is Mother’s Day, and most of the time, when it comes to Mother’s Day, all I can think of is, “My mother is still dead.” The … Continue reading

I Will Not Kill My Son’s Rabbit

We’re going to take a break from adoption for a moment. I bet you’re thinking that this is going to be a funny post about how I can’t stand Jackson’s rabbit, so I have to tell myself, “I will not kill my son’s rabbit.” Unfortunately, it’s not humorous. There are people who want me to … Continue reading

It Finally Happened

It finally happened. We went to an event (my cousin’s rehearsal dinner) and the only other black person there was a waiter. I’m not really sure I have a point. I’m used to living in Antioch, where white people are the minority. Jackson’s preschool (soon to be Cassie’s preschool!) was about half “appears to be … Continue reading

My Sassy Cat

I was going to write a post about Cassie being 18-months old now, but that will have to wait. Last night (or early this morning, really) my Sassy cat died. Sassy was about 17. We didn’t know exactly how old she was, because we were her third humans. Her first human apparently adopted her, declawed … Continue reading

How Many Cousins Do You Have?

Next weekend, my cousin Jessica is getting married in Nashville. Two years ago, my cousin Jen got married in Rhode Island. Next year, another cousin (don’t know if it’s OK to announce which) is getting married in San Diego. Last Friday, we went to my cousin’s birthday party in Vacaville. All of this lead me … Continue reading

The Month of May

It starts before May 1st. The marketing targeted to that second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day. “15% off gifts for Mom!” “Get Mom what she really wants!” Even my iPhone alerted me, “Start a game with Mom!” Et tu, Words with Friends? You know what I bet my mom really wants? To meet her granddaughter. … Continue reading