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Max walked behind me and saw the title of tomorrow’s blog post. Max: “Are Birthmother Expenses Necessary?” (pause) Yes. (pause) Shortest blog post ever.  

How To Surprise a Collection Agency

In my last post, I ended with When Max started working again, I told DCU we could pay $X. They wanted $4X. I said no. They kicked us to a collection agency. The collection agency called. The guy introduced himself. I sighed. “Hi.” He told me that DCU would settle the debt for a large … Continue reading

Conversations with Jackson

And So It Begins…. Yesterday afternoon, Jackson was watching clips of Glee on YouTube, Cassie was in her Exersaucer, and I was doing dishes. When I finished, I scooped Cassie up and went behind Jackson to watch the current clip. Cassie: reaches out and tugs Jackson’s hair Jackson: (surprised, turns around) Ow! (gives Cassie the … Continue reading

She Didn’t Believe Me

My Dad volunteers at Jackson’s school on Thursday mornings. He gardens. When I picked Jackson up today, I asked him if he saw Grandpa Bob. Jackson: Yep. I sure did! Me: Was that fun? Jackson: An elementary kid didn’t believe he was my Grandpa. Me: Why not? (I figured I knew why not, but I … Continue reading

Keeping It Real

Today, we hit a milestone that I thought I had at least 5 more years to come to pass. Jackson had the phone and was pretending to call people. I asked who he wanted to call. He said, “I want to call my real mom.” Yeah… I said, “I’m real.” And he said, “I mean, … Continue reading

Hanukkah and Harmonicas

Brief conversation between Max & Jack from the other day… Jack built a menorah out of Legos, and declared proudly, “It’s a harmonica. They’re not Jewish; they just like celebrating harmonica.” To which Max replied: “Harmonica and Hanukkah are not the same thing.” I’m just happy that he remembers Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah, and that … Continue reading

Latest News from the Chittister Household

The latest news is, the Chittister household is very messy! Many of my friends and family have been requesting add-on pictures, and I will post some this weekend. We now have a room with wooden walls, and our dining room has an L-shape cut out of the ceiling. Firefly figured out how to get in … Continue reading

Family History: Any Memory

DeDe at DesignZ by DeDe, one of my favorite digital scrapbook artists, has a weekly prompt on her blog. She calls it “Family History Tuesday”. I call it, “Family History Whenever-I-Get-Around-To-It Day”. Last week, she asked: Pick a memory – any story at all, and tell it in detail. I’ve been answering these on my … Continue reading