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It’s May?!?! Seriously?

It’s May?!?! Seriously?

I’ve been neglecting this blog, that’s for sure. Working full time and being mom to two does not leave too much free time. I’m going to do a quick recap for my readers who read for that, then promise to go back to posting at least weekly moving forward. I’ve missed this writing! First, I’ve … Continue reading

These Are the Times That Try Parents’ Souls

Before anyone decides to leave a nasty comment, please know that I love my children. Cassie is an adorable, bright, charismatic, energetic bundle of love. She really is brilliant, and very articulate. I love her from top to toe, and I’m very grateful that she is my daughter. But this weekend? This weekend, Cassie was the “terrible … Continue reading

How Smart Is My Daughter? E. So Smart!

I used to post “Jackson is great” stories here all the time in the beginning. I only had one kid then. Cassie has gotten the short shrift. Just as I was shutting down the computer, I remembered this story from dinner on Thursday. Cassie loves rice. We probably eat rice 2-3 times per week. She … Continue reading

Cassie’s First Adoption Day

January 15, 2014 was the anniversary of finalizing Cassie’s adoption. We celebrated by giving her 3 presents: a book, The Day We Met You. (I’ll write a review of the book, but I can say that I recommend it.) a special stuffed animal, a Bee pillow pet. (We chose a Bee pillow pet because the honeybee … Continue reading

Cassie’s Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

A few people have actually asked me why I haven’t posted pictures from Cassie’s Doc McStuffins birthday party. This post is for those people, especially Kirstin. As this was a Doc McStuffins party, the colors were pink and purple. I made doctors’ kits for the 5 and under guests. These were baby wipes containers, spray … Continue reading


Cassie started preschool this week. She’s at the same preschool that Jackson attended from 2008 through 2011. I don’t actually intend to tell you where she goes to preschool, so I’m just going to call it “Preschool.” Preschool takes children once they turn two. Cassie turned two last Friday. The first day she was eligible … Continue reading

Cassie Is Two!

It really doesn’t seem possible, but this tiny baby: Is now this adorable toddler: When I asked her to pose for the photo, she actually complied. Then, I pointed the camera at her and said, “Say Birthday!” and she did! This was the first take. She’s reached all of her 2-year old milestones. Apparently, she’s … Continue reading

The Cost of Cassie’s Adoption

I just took the Adoptive Families magazine Cost & Timing of Adoption Survey. I already had all of our expenses in a spreadsheet, sorted by year, for our taxes. I just had to break them down into categories for the survey. I am sharing them here. Let me tell you why. I am not sharing … Continue reading