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Latest Day Care Dilemma

I visited 9 in-home preschool/daycares. All but two had issues that I just couldn’t see Jack fitting into. The last two were a small in-home daycare with an informal pre-school program (run by K) and a large in-home pre-school (run by D). K’s place was one of the first I saw, and I really like … Continue reading

This is My Life: Day Care

For the past 2 weeks, I have been researching, calling, Googling, emailing, interviewing, and schlepping to, day care/preschools. Just from the names that sounded nifty, I have 3 pages of listings. Where there were web sites, I visited them. I’ve now been to 6, and have 3 more scheduled to visit, plus a few more … Continue reading

I’m the Mommy

Anyone who reads Max’s journal will know that Jack is not taking naps. We’ve actually resorted to cry it out (twice) and each time Jack spent an hour crying. Screaming, really. I have no desire to repeat the performance, as I fear he will become afraid of his crib. I’ve been reading three books searching … Continue reading