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Jackson had all of Thanksgiving week off as break. Some moms and I were talking on the Thursday before the break. They were all looking forward to it. I believe the word “Woo hoo!” was used by all. Except me. I said, “Am I the only one dreading this break?” Apparently, I was. One mom … Continue reading

Attitude Boy

Let me start out with: I love my son. I really do. He’s a smart, talented little guy. OK. Moving on. I’m not sure when it started, exactly. I know it’s been awhile… Since before Christmas break. Jackson has turned into Attitude Boy Example: It was Young Authors’ Night at school. I asked Jackson to … Continue reading

The Honeymoon’s Over

I spent Sunday night/Monday morning thinking up this post. I didn’t post it because I was rocking with Cassie. Cassie had a very cranky day on Sunday, and didn’t want to go down in her crib at all. Cassie’s cranky day coincided with Jackson’s 9th consecutive day of no school, and his 2nd consecutive day … Continue reading

Simultaneously Embarrassed and Proud

Jack has been going through a mean, defiant, boundaries-testing phase of late. It really started in earnest in November. He says mean things and talks in a teasing voice. Or, he comes very close to doing something wrong without quite doing the deed itself. He’s always been worst when he’s with his Grandpa Bob, my … Continue reading

They Can’t All Be Good

Actually, the last three days have been a trial. Monday, Jack and I went to Oakland to pick up Grandpa Bob, who had been visiting Auntie Ann and family in Florida. Jack was really great on the drive up, and pretty darn good on the drive back. We stopped at Fenton’s an ice cream parlor … Continue reading

A Frustrating Evening

Jack has been having listening issues, especially with Daddy. Today, he has apparently not listened to anything Max has asked him to do. He was quite good with me. He helped cook dinner – he turned the sausages. We also did a “stained glass” art project. We played flying (jumping off of his bed with … Continue reading

Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Jack is becoming computer literate. He knows how to use the touchpad and keyboard on both Max’s Windows-based computer and my MacBook Pro. He can get to the PBS Kids web site and play most of the games. He also knows how to get their videos. This simultaneously makes … Continue reading

He’s a Tramp

(originally posted on LiveJournal) Jack has recently (as in, since Sunday) become obsessed with┬áThe Lady and the Tramp. He likes the white dog – Peg. Peg sings “He’s a Tramp”. Jack asked me to sing it for him at bed time. So I sang… “He’s a tramp, but they love him. Breaks a new heart, … Continue reading


It’s 11:21pm, and my child is still awake. Last night, we were able to put Jack down for bed (asleep) by 8pm. Tonight, we tried to put him down at 8:30. Two and one half hours later, he’s still awake. Max has the habit of staying in his room until Jack is asleep or almost … Continue reading