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Why Do White Parents Adopt Black Children?

Why Do White Parents Adopt Black Children?

Because they’re there. OK, seriously. This post has been sitting as a draft for most of this year. The question was written by  Adoptive Black Mom in her post Privilege, Adoption and Melissa Harris-Perry. Specifically, she wrote: Do I think that [people of color] often sit back and question why White families adopt Black children?  Yep, and I’ve been … Continue reading

The “Truth” About Adoption

I almost played a porn star in a play once. The play was Geniuses, a comedy about an Apocalypse Now-style movie being shot in the Philippines. Our venue became unavailable, so, without a place to put on the play, we could not do the play. I remember exactly one of my lines: “We are each … Continue reading

Adoption Maternity Photos. Really?

I have heard of prospective adoptive parents who take photos of themselves during the waiting phase. Most of them feature couples holding chalk boards with phrases like, “Growing in My Heart” or “Waiting for You.” Some involve globes or maps of the countries from which their children will come. Apparently, these type of photos are … Continue reading

Pre-Birth Matching

In private domestic infant adoption, most prospective adoptive parents match with an expectant mother sometime during her pregnancy. According to the latest Adoptive Families Cost and Timing Survey, 35% of adoptive parents matched less than one month before their child was born. Only 12% matched after birth. So that means roughly 43% matched more than … Continue reading

Better vs. Different

This post has been sitting in draft form since September 2012. It was prompted by a BirthMom Buds blog post, in which the author writes: A local adoption agency is holding a workshop at my church for couples and families interested in learning more about adoption. This agency, whom I consider to be very reputable, … Continue reading

How TPR Works Now

TPR is an abbreviation for Termination of Parental Rights. Before an adoption can take place, the biological* parents’ rights must be terminated. In private domestic adoption, the biological mother usually – probably always – signs the TPR herself. TPR for biological fathers can be a bit trickier, because each state treats them differently, and some … Continue reading