We Got 99 Emergencies But a Border Wall Ain’t One


With all due respect to Jay-Z, I thought I’d co-opt his song title to bring you a list of all the things we need more than a wall.

  1. Clean drinking water everywhere in America
  2. Complete disaster recovery in Puerto Rico
  3. Complete disaster recovery in all the other places in America hit by extreme weather, because, yeah, climate change is actually a thing
  4. Universal health care, including comprehensive mental health care and drug rehabilitation, without co-pays or deductibles.
  5. Paid sick leave
  6. Paid family leave
  7. Reproductive choice
  8. Free birth control
  9. Legal marijuana
  10. To repeal all vaccine mandates
  11. A comprehensive, placebo controlled, double-blind study on each and every vaccine
  12. To hold all companies, including pharmaceutical companies and gun manufacturers, liable for their products
  13. To fight the autism epidemic
  14. To study the increase in childhood chronic disease and disorders, including food allergies, asthma, behavioral conditions, and cancer
  15. Removal of the guidelines for doctors prescribing opioids
  16. To keep the government out of the doctor/patient relationship in general
  17. Equality for all: An end to racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia
  18. An immigration system that isn’t based on racism and xenophobia
  19. Reunification of families separated at our borders
  20. Reparations for slavery
  21. Continued reparations for the Native American genocide
  22. Protected civil rights for LGBTQ individuals in all of America
  23. Further understanding of the gender spectrum
  24. Robert Mueller’s report
  25. To overturn Citizens United – as long as corporations are people and money is speech, ordinary Americans don’t stand a chance
  26. An end to corporate lobbyists
  27. Restoration of the Voting Rights Act
  28. Comprehensive election reform
  29. To pass the National Popular Vote bill
  30. Establishment of Election Day as a national paid holiday for all workers
  31. Term limits for all politicians
  32. Fully funded public schools, including living wages for teachers and support staff
  33. A more individualized education system with better focus on those who learn differently
  34. Comprehensive sex education, including consent, to address rape culture and toxic masculinity
  35. Affordable, quality early childhood education
  36. Affordable, perhaps even free, higher education
  37. Affordable, perhaps even free, vocational education
  38. School choice
  39. Protection for homeschoolers
  40. An improved library system
  41. Increased salaries for nurses, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and educators
  42. Paid firefighters in every town, 24/7
  43. Affordable housing
  44. A complete overhaul of the US foster care system
  45. Federal adoption laws
  46. Open records so adoptees can get their original birth certificates
  47. Citizenship for ALL adoptees adopted by Americans from abroad, regardless of age or year they were adopted
  48. Criminal justice reform
  49. Dismantling of the school to prison pipeline
  50. Bias training for law enforcement officers
  51. Review of offenders imprisoned for drug-related crimes to address both bias and new drug laws
  52. No more death penalty
  53. Updated public transportation system, including light rail
  54. Protected national parks
  55. Repaired existing roads and bridges
  56. Renewable energy
  57. Modernization of our electricity grid
  58. To upgrade existing buildings and build new buildings to achieve energy efficiency, water efficiency, and safety
  59. Infrastructure for vehicles that use alternative fuels
  60. Ban on glyphosate and other toxic pesticides and herbicides
  61. Restoration of the honey bee and butterfly populations
  62. Support for organic farming
  63. Humane regulations for raising livestock
  64. Swift and active efforts to slow down the effects of climate change
  65. Renewable, non-toxic alternatives to plastic
  66. An end to seismic testing and other activities that kill marine life en masse
  67. Appropriate and effective gun laws
  68. Better support for returning veterans to ensure they don’t end up homeless or suicidal, and help for the ones who are
  69. Affordable, or free, high-speed Internet across the country
  70. Net neutrality
  71. Tax reform, such that corporations actually pay taxes instead of leaching off American citizens
  72. Higher taxes on earnings greater than $1,000,000 per year
  73. An end to corporate welfare
  74. An expansion of social welfare programs like SNAP
  75. Food for the 40 million Americans living in food insecurity
  76. A living minimum wage
  77. More unions
  78. Job protections for independent contractors and the self-employed, especially in the “gig economy”
  79. Appointments of qualified, conservation minded individuals to key posts, such as the EPA and the Department of the Interior
  80. Restoration of restrictions on oil and natural gas drilling
  81. To impeach Brett Kavanaugh
  82. Protection for free speech for individuals
  83. Protection for a free press, including ensuring that advertisers don’t drive content
  84. More funding for the humanities and arts
  85. Encouragement of women, people of color, and the LGBT in career fields in which they are under represented
  86. Protection for parents’ rights
  87. Later school start times for middle and high schools
  88. An end to aiding countries just because they give us oil
  89. An end to ignoring countries just because they don’t give us oil
  90. An end to industries writing their own laws
  91. Removal of all Confederate monuments
  92. A clear separation of church and state in our nation’s and states’ laws
  93. Greater safety in sports at all levels, particularly with regard to American football and concussions
  94. An end to the exploitative treatment of college athletes by the NCAA
  95. A renewed space program – Mars 2050!
  96. Inconsistent and hypocritical federal broadcast rules
  97. Universal enforcement of the Oxford, or serial, comma
  98. To impeach the Cheeto in Chief
  99. A progressive President (Note to Democrats: “Anybody but Trump” is not a successful election strategy.)

These are not in order of importance. I’ve simply tried to group like topics together. There is also one facetious item, to see if you’re paying attention.

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