Why Yes, It Is a New Year

I never make New Year’s resolutions. I came across a diary I wrote in elementary school – one page for each date. On the first page (January 1), I wrote a list of resolutions, which included “write every day.” There was an entry every day for about 2 weeks, and then….

So, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. But I decided I would try this year, with two:

  • Write a blog post every week.
  • Journal more.

I know the second one is kind of vague. I just hope the first one sticks. I’m starting the year by posting a copy of our 2017 holiday newsletter.

2017 started the same way that 2016 ended, with us settling into our new home in Nashua, New Hampshire. The kids got plenty of time to play in the snow, and alternated between “loving to sled down the driveway” and “complaining about how cold they are”. Robyn skipped the sledding and went directly to “hating the cold”. Max shoveled. Everyone was ready for spring to come, and enjoyed the pleasant summer weather and the fall colors. Now it’s winter again, just like every year, and Max is writing this newsletter so he doesn’t have to go shovel.

The entire family appeared on stage in 2017. Robyn, Jackson, and Cassie all did Shakespeare in the Park over the summer – Robyn was Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the kids were fairy members of her entourage. Jackson also joined the Junior Actorsingers, and was the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz. His next appearance will be as Puss in Boots in Shrek: The Musical in March 2018. Max was in Lend Me a Tenor, and was recently cast in A Few Good Men.

Bob with 80 balloonsWe did a lot of traveling this year, for both business and pleasure. Robyn returned to California several times for business, and usually managed to mix in visits to family and friends. Robyn and Jackson spent several days in Kansas City, reuniting with Jackson’s birth mother and half-siblings. All four of us went to California for Grandpa Bob’s 80th birthday party in December, and had a wonderful time at cousin Joe’s house celebrating with the entire family.

JacksonJackson missed his friends in California, but kept busy with as many activities as possible so he could try new hobbies and meet new people. At World Academy, he joined the volleyball team and the track team, and his RIZE Robotics team won several awards. He played Little League baseball and spent a week at Camp Clio (which is a summer camp for adopted kids). His favorite hobbies are “learning about World War II” and “driving his sister bat-crap crazy”.

CassieCassie is as she has always been: cute, loud, and only occasionally interested in listening to anybody. She started Kindergarten at World Academy, and has been getting much better at reading and writing. Her teachers have lots of good things to say about her coloring and artistic abilities. She has also started taking gymnastics lessons, and does drama and dance classes at school. Her favorite hobbies are “playing with dolls” and “driving her brother bat-crap crazy”.

Robyn still works for (redacted) as a technical writer, where she writes help articles and complains that nobody reads the help articles. In March, Max joined (redacted) in North Reading, MA as a writer and trainer for the Engineering team. They both also occasionally freelance, so if you need a writer or editor, you know who to call!

The children are not as enthusiastic about 4-H in New Hampshire as they were in California, but they still love owning rabbits. Cassie’s rabbit Stormy died in the spring, so she adopted a white Holland Lop named Snowflake. The family added another new member in the fall, when we adopted an older new cat named Daisy. She seems to be deaf, so she can’t hear the kids fight over who gets to pet her first.

We hope 2017 treated you well, and 2018 treats you even better. May you find an unexpected $20 in your jeans next time they come out of the dryer, and may every Community Chance card say “Get Out of Jail Free!”

Addendum: Christmas itself was white – Cassie’s first White Christmas, Jackson’s second, and my third. We had a really lovely time at our friends’ house, with lots of chatter and excellent food.

Happy New Year!

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