People For Whom I Would Rather Vote For President

On our drive up the coast from Disneyland, Max and I made a list of people – real and fictional – for whom we would rather vote for President. I’m not sure if that sentence makes grammatical sense. It’s very late/early.

Without further ado…

  1. Jed Bartlet
  2. Matthew Santos
  3. Martin Sheen
  4. Bill Pullman’s character from Independence Day
  5. Will Smith’s character from Independence Day
  6. Really, any human character from Independence Day
  7. Elizabeth Warren
  8. My cousin Dan
  9. The disembodied head of Walt Disney
  10. Jimmy Carter
  11. Edward Cullen
  12. The governor from Benson
  13. The mayor from Spin City
  14. Benson
  15. Aaron Sorkin
  16. Any adult from Sesame Street
  17. Any character Nathan Fillion has ever played
  18. Nathan Fillion
  19. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  20. Judge Harry T. Stone
  21. Jack Ryan
  22. John Paul Jones
  23. Steve Rogers
  24. Siri
  25. Steph Curry (but only if he brings Riley to work with him)

Presidential candidates

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