Dealing with the loss of your parents…

I’m cheating today, and re-blogging a post by TAO. Read this. Send it to your parents, relatives, and friends. Plan for the end of life before it’s too late. Don’t leave your loved ones guessing about what you would have wanted, how to pay your bills, and what all your passwords might be. Death is a natural part of life. It’s OK.

The adopted ones blog

This is to all parents, but especially to adoptive parents due to the fact that some (perhaps many) start parenting later in life. My hope is that you will consider ensuring that you make the time after you pass for your children as easy as mom and dad have made mine as the one to make sure their collective last wishes are met.

Having end-of-life conversations, while hard, allow the ones left to go through the process easier.

Over the years, we had several end-of-life conversations.  They each had a final end of life conversation with me, when they knew their time was growing very short.  I knew what their wishes were for the end.  It helped, not just with the after but in knowing they were ready and at peace with what would happen.  It made it easier for me.  Being able to follow their wishes made it easier.  It also made the process less painful, the mourning…

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