California Bucket List

Kids on a Turtle (Cal Academy)Last week, I created a California Bucket List – things to do before we leave California. I know you’re dying to know what’s on it, so without further ado:

We went to the California Academy of Sciences the last weekend of February. Jackson’s orthodontist has these contests – trivia questions on the bulletin board of the waiting room. Jackson got all of the answers right, so he won four tickets to Cal Academy. Our friends the McMillians came with us. It was actually a great day!

My Aunt Sue came to visit at the end of January, and we ended up going to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum then. It was one of my favorite places as a kid, although it’s changed so much now. They were renovating, so the kids want to go again when the renovations are complete. I hope we’ll get the chance.

I bought Disneyland tickets. Then I found out we owe taxes to both the feds and the state this year. Bleh. Still, the plan is to use them. We just need to do some creative accounting, I think. We’re planning to take a Southern California trip to see my aunt and uncle, do the San Diego Zoo, a mission, and Disneyland.

Is there anything you think should be on this list?

Jackson and Sea Urchin (Cal Academy)
Cassie meets a penguin (Cal Academy) Kids in a Nest (Lindsay)


2 thoughts on “California Bucket List

  1. Haha, there is no way you can do all that! I’ve been to a lot of those places, but definitely not all. Last trip to the SD zoo daughter was only 4 and she was in a bad mood. I have some good shots of her pouting and whining up a storm. The kids actually liked the one in San Diego where you drive around rather than the zoo itself. Hearst Castle is amazingly over the top and actually makes me sick to my stomach. It might not be appreciated by the kids . . . . Have fun at Disneyland!!!
    So anything else on there? Maybe, but you already have so much on there!

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