It’s May?!?! Seriously?

I’ve been neglecting this blog, that’s for sure. Working full time and being mom to two does not leave too much free Jackson and Cassie Eastertime. I’m going to do a quick recap for my readers who read for that, then promise to go back to posting at least weekly moving forward. I’ve missed this writing!

First, I’ve been writing for

Jackson playing basketballSecond, Jackson! His teachers at ACA II noticed that his handwriting was atrocious, but said that it was fairly normal for boys his age. If he was still having a problem by Grade 4, we might want to have him evaluated. Well, his Grade 3 teacher said, “Have him evaluated.” We started with the district’s Occupational Therapist, who told us two things:

  • We couldn’t have him evaluated until we had a diagnosis for him.
  • Most handwriting problems are actually eye-related.

Now, how we were supposed to get a diagnosis without getting him evaluated was a mystery to me. Clearly, the district didn’t want to do their part in that. So, we had to go find an optometrist/opthamologist and an occupational therapist (OT). We sort of lucked out on the eye doctor. There’s one pediatric eye doctor in the county, and he’s a few doors down from Jackson’s school. It turns out, his eyes work perfectly by themselves, but, when he tries to use them together, it’s hard for him focus. He can see things far away OK, and things really, really close up OK, but in that middle area, he sees double. He’s now in vision therapy to correct that.

The OT was harder to find. The closest one who takes our insurance is 60 miles away. We haven’t been able to find a pediatrician up here. (All the ones who take patients who don’t vaccinate are full. Go figure.) We had to take Jackson to his wonderful, amazing, I wish he would move up here pediatrician, who gave us a referral to the place 60 miles away. But the place 60 miles away was like, “Why would you come here?” So, we ultimately paid $90 to have him evaluated by an OT who doesn’t take our insurance, but who is in the same city. The verdict is that his pinch/grip is a little weak, but still within normal range. No OT needed, just pinch things.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s basketball team came in second in their division. He’s playing Little League baseball now. Zella came in second her class in the March Hare rabbit show. Buttercup did not fare as well. We’re thinking that she might not be cut out to be a show rabbit; she may just be Jackson’s showmanship rabbit instead. She’s a great bunny, but she bites judges. No one else, just judges.

Cassie ice skatingThird, Cassie! If you look up defiant in the dictionary, there is our daughter. We’re liking her new preschool better, but their playground is all sand, and Cassie likes to make “snow angels.” She’s been taking ice skating lessons, and just passed the first level. We’re taking a break from ice skating so she can take swimming lessons for awhile. She’s taking gymnastics at school, too. Her hair is getting longer, and she’s letting us do more with it. Now, to find the time to take her to get it braided!

Fourth, I’ve been working! Not Bank of America has extended my contract until November. I’d like to be a full time employee for them, but I don’t think they will hire me, as I currently live in California. I’m liking my work much more these days, but I’ll be honest, I would vastly prefer a full time position. The people at Not BofA are really great to work with, and I’ll miss them quite a bit. At least I will be steadily employed until the holidays.

No on SB277Fifth, oppose SB277! SB277 would remove religious and personal belief exemptions for all school children, public and private. All of the vaccines on the schedule would be required for school entrance. Whether you choose to do the full schedule or not, medical decisions belong in the hands of parents and their doctors, not in the hands of the government. If SB277 passes, and isn’t immediately challenged in court and struck down, then we will most likely be moving back to New England. Live free or die! (And be very, very cold.  Brrr….) The Facebook group Californians for Vaccine Choice is a good place to find information about how to contact your state senator.

4 thoughts on “It’s May?!?! Seriously?

  1. Nice to see an update! If you ever need to find an OT, but there’s not one covered in your area…ask your insurance for a “Gap Exception”. That’s how we got our OT covered. Hope we can chat soon!

    • Hi! I called and asked about their policy if they don’t have any services nearby. They said they only cover emergency services that are out of network. I think I will ask about “gap exception”, specifically, though. The Cigna people are very nice, but I don’t think any of them has ever told me the same thing twice.

  2. Ok that pisses me off. Sorry I’m an OT and I hate when services do that kinda crap. So if it’s impacting his school work (which it is because handwriting is part of school) he can be evaluated for a 504 plan. He doesn’t need a diagnosis he just needs to be evaluated. They likely would only provide consulting services at school (which it sounds like he wouldnt need more then that). This often happens when services are over extended and the therapist doesn’t have time. I’d contact your special Ed director and request an eval. Indicate you know he won’t qualify for an IEP but more likely a 504 plan. This will allow him to be followed by the OT that can give you eye exercises and hand exercises. The team also could identify other support he might need (ie seating in the classroom to accommodate his vision, special paper to help his eyes/handwriting, etc). Feel free to PM me. Glad you were able to advocate for his needs but this is where kids end up falling thru the cracks. Imagine if he didn’t have you to do that and he continued to have trouble seeing.

    Love the update- we have missed you! 😉

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