My Son Is Michael Brown

Michael BrownA Facebook friend of mine posted a quote from Jen Hatmaker, then added:

Thankful to see others on my feed speak out in this manner. Silence from those who claim to be allies is deafening tonight.

I sat and reloaded the Google News site dozens of times waiting for the verdict. I knew they weren’t going to indict, but I hoped…

I wanted to post about it immediately, but nothing I could say was enough.


My son is Michael Brown.

He is Trayvon Martin.

He is Tamir Rice.

He is all of these black boys who have been killed for being black and acting like kids.

Jackson is 8-years old. We have already told him that he is never to bring anything even remotely resembling a weapon, including any Nerf guns, out of the house. It’s too dangerous.

I feel terrified, angry, and defeated. This kid wasn’t worth anything – that’s what this verdict means. And if Michael Brown wasn’t worth anything, to those people, my son isn’t worth anything. 

And the magnitude of that…

I don’t have words.


4 thoughts on “My Son Is Michael Brown

  1. I feel the same way with 2 black teens, especially my 6′ 225 lb son. He may look scary to some people because of his size and color and they never look long enough to see his gentle face.

    Although the verdict was expected, it is still shocking, saddening, infuriating, and mostly frightening to all mothers of children with black skin.

  2. I haven’t decided how/what I should do a post on this. My anger and fear are pretty strong right now. People need to start understanding!! I just don’t know how to help them see yet.

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