We’ve Unpacked the Last Box

Pictures in a boxDon't be hasty prosperity will soon knock on your doorOn July 20, we moved from Antioch to “Salem” (the name I’m using for the town in which we now live). The moving experience was slightly less horrendous than the one we had moving from New Hampshire to California back in 2004. This time around, the movers were three hours late, meaning they didn’t leave our new home until after 9:00 p.m. They piled all the boxes floor to ceiling in the living room. I couldn’t find my desk. Pieces of it were later found in the hall way, in Cassie’s room, and in the living room. For an entire month, we had boxes everywhere.

On October 4, we unpacked the last box – our Rockband drum set and some completely random living room crap.

Sunday night, my friend Christy – one of the people we moved up here for – asked if we had decided if we would be living in this particular place for one year or two.

I was like, “I just unpacked the last box!”

We moved from a 1700-square foot house into a 1200-square foot apartment. It’s a very nice apartment. We have three bedrooms. Cats and rabbits are allowed. There’s a pool and a hot tub, a fitness center, walking trails, an attached garage. It’s in a lovely, highly sought after area of Salem. The neighbors aren’t generally too loud. My only complaints are the price (friggin’ expensive!) and that, because of the sheer number of trees, there is very little light in the main part of the house. I have to have the lights on in the kitchen and dining room to be able to see anything, even in the middle of the day.

I work in the dining room. My desk is an Elfa shelving unit, so it works fairly well. Max works in the hallway, which has a built in computer desk. It’s cramped. I miss our office.

But I do not miss climbing up and down stairs. I like this one-floor living. I like being able to call maintenance whenever something happens, as opposed to having to figure out which plumber, landscaper, electrician to call.

Moving is very, very stressful, and terribly expensive. I would prefer not to go through it again next summer, even if it means living a somewhat cramped existence for awhile. We have a pool after all!

So those are my random thoughts right now. It had been awhile since a life update. Coming soon (ish) – Cassie’s Third Birthday!


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