“None of That Was Done By Whites”

No One Should Have to teach their children this (kid with arms up) in the USAIn the last week, I’ve been posting to my Facebook timeline many articles related to the events in Ferguson, MO. One of the links I posted was to an Onion article, that was so true, it wasn’t funny: Tips for Being an Unarmed Black Teen.

A good friend of mine, someone I’ve known in real life for 20 years, commented that the article was nonsense, cited a booklet written by a white separatist, and stated that  law enforcement (and presumably everyone else) “has a reason to get nervous” around Black boys. She then went on to list a series of crimes committed against herself and her property, and “none of that was done by whites.”

I cannot begin to describe the feeling associated with her remark. That she believes my son is more likely to become a criminal because of the color of his skin. That she believes it is acceptable, even understandable, that he could be shot simply for walking down the street.

Hurt, definitely. I am definitely hurt by her remark. Angry. Scared. Heartsick. I think heartsick is the right word.

I know she’s not the only one who thinks that way. And that’s why our children are dying being slaughtered.

These are the videos and articles that I believe best express how I feel and what I’ve been thinking about being a White parent of Black children in light of the violence against them:

Photo Credit: MomsRising.org

8 thoughts on ““None of That Was Done By Whites”

    • Another friend (who is Korean, fwiw) pointed out that her opinion was based on a fallacy.
      I simply tried to impress upon her that she was oh-so-wrong. But frankly, I didn’t really know what to do. Although I’ve known her forever – I was even in her wedding – I haven’t seen her for 14 years. We’re Facebook-only friends now.

    • Yep. And a lot of me feels like I should. I don’t ever see her. She lives halfway across the country. So, we’re Facebook friends. The Pollyanna part of me hopes that she might actually read some of what I post and see the light.

  1. Tell your “friend” to look up the Bay Area story of the multiracial family that had a white supremacist move in next door to them and torment them for years. She can read about how a white man was so upset by the sight of an educated black man and an educated white woman raising children together that he followed their 5 year old biracial child to school and spit on her. How the family had to work for years just to get police to acknowledge that something was wrong and how prosecuting him ultimately became the first use of domestic terrorism laws in the US. His last name was Case.

    Or you can direct her to me, since I was the little girl in the situation.

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