We Found a Place! And Other Updates

Good morning! It’s so easy to sound cheerful on a Monday morning when I write these posts in advance at night.

As the headline indicated, we found a place! We were getting very discouraged, having not gotten either of two houses we really loved that were within walking distance of our friends’ house. Last weekend, we couldn’t find anyone to watch the kids here, so we spent the night with another set of friends in Salem. Cassie didn’t like the situation and ended up barely sleeping at all, which meant Max and I also barely slept at all. Max and I went off to look at houses, leaving the kids with our friends.

The second place we looked at was an apartment. It was fairly large, in a large, well-maintained complex that includes a heated pool and well-appointed fitness center. The third pace we looked at was a house. It was a split-level, and I really hit it off with the woman renting it. We applied for both. We didn’t get the house. We did get the apartment. (We looked at 7 places, total, that day. The landlords of the first one we saw actually contacted us and asked us if we were going to put in an application. They were sad that we didn’t. The agent of the fourth place we looked at also emailed us, even offering a break in the rent. But we had already decided on the apartment, and the fourth place is in a neighborhood that isn’t finished yet, meaning there would be a lot of construction noise.)

We will be moving on July 20th. If you know me in real life, chances are you will get our address via email.

Jackson got into a foreign-language immersion school in Salem. It’s about 2 miles from our new place. The language is not Spanish.

Cassie… well, her options are more limited. There are several Montessori schools in Salem. However, only one of them keeps children all day. It costs over $1,000 per month, and, they have so many breaks, the real per month cost would be even higher, as I’d need to hire a sitter to cover all of them. Another Montessori school keeps kids all day for 4 days, but all Mondays are half days. They also have several breaks. All this for more than $1,100 per month. I found a preschool that I thought was acceptable. I really liked the teachers I met, especially the one who gave me the tour. But I’m so used to Montessori, and I love it so much… we’ll start Cassie at “Golden Gate Academy” and see how she does. Jackson’s school has an affiliated preschool, but they don’t offer summer hours and they only keep kids until 4:00 pm. I can’t work that way. Still, we may put her in here the year before she attends Kindergarten, just so she gets the language.

I have an insane amount of packing to do. We are also having a garage sale on July 11th. If you’re local, and would like to help with the whole garage sale thing, or attend the garage sale, let me know.

We’re trying to hire movers, too. I initially booked Starving Students based on one friend’s recommendation, but three or four more told me to steer clear – many of their things were stolen or broken.

I took the kids to Contra Loma today for two hours. Despite slathering myself in sunscreen, I still have my first day in the sun sunburn on my shoulders and back. Work technically doesn’t allow us to wear tank tops, but I think I may have to wear one tomorrow. Ouch!

Yes, I am still working full time.

I am going to try to take care of some of the draft posts during the month of July. I need to have some fresh content for BlogHer.

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