One Month (Give or Take)

I started my new job at Not Bank of America on May 7th. I’ve been there for about a month, give or take a couple days. It’s been different. I’ve been learning a lot. I’ve been writing a lot. Not here, obviously, but about banking procedures.

I met more people in my first two days at Not BofA than I did in my first 10 months with Avanquest. Overall, I like everyone. Not BofA stresses diversity in hiring, and it shows. I think there are 4 white women and 1 white man on the floor. There are a lot of black women, actually, and there are definitely more women than men. I like it.

There were some issues my first week. For example, no one told the woman who supervises me at the site that I would be telecommuting after I move. Oops! She’s not actually my manager, but the woman who is listed as my manager isn’t my manager either. It was a little confusing, but I think we’re working things out OK on that front.

The staffing company hiring guy messed up and didn’t order my chair, so I didn’t have it for the first two weeks. You see, I sit in a special chair that lets me keep my legs elevated. Bending my knee isn’t good for CRPS. Sitting is actually worse than standing in many respects.

For the first week, everyone thought I was from the Midwest, where the bank is headquartered. I made a little sign on my cube: “Robyn Chittister, Not from Citysville.”

We have also had cake at least 3 times since I started, and the phone bank manager (I think that’s what he does) bought everyone ice cream bars today. People are always bringing in food. Once I start working from home, on the days I come in, I’m hoping to bring some goodies so people still like me.

We’re not allowed to just blur out account information and employee names, so all of my credit cards belong to Richard Castle, and the employees are the casts of Castle and Brooklyn 99.

And that is how work is… Don’t even ask about house hunting…

2 thoughts on “One Month (Give or Take)

  1. Glad to hear that you’ve got a new job that you like. Don’t eat too many goodies though. Sugar is bad for your …. everything. =(

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