No Pets!



Note: I have decided to call the new town we’re moving to “Salem” after the town in which the soap opera Days of Our Lives takes place. I don’t watch DOOL anymore, but I’m still partial to it. 

When we tell people that we’re moving to Salem, reactions vary, but the first question is always: “Have you found a place?”

No, no we haven’t.

We’re going to rent (long story) so we have some time. Rentals don’t tend to be advertised too far in advance, and we’re looking to move in July. However, I’m looking into condos and townhouses, as well as single-family homes. Rents are a little higher in this neck of the woods, but that’s not the hardest part. No, the hardest part is the all-too-common admonition: “No pets!”

The ads even include that exclamation point.

We have two cats, Jinxy (9) and Firefly (6). (Wow! I can’t believe Firefly is 6 already. Time flies!) We also have Jackson’s 4-H rabbits, Zella and Buttercup. Jettisoning the pets is not an option. We’re those kind of people – the kind who believe that pets are a part of the family, and you treat them with love and respect. That includes not re-homing them.

I found a lovely condo in exactly the right neighborhood. They had no problem with cats. However, they don’t allow rabbits. Dogs, cats, birds, and fish only. It doesn’t matter to them that the rabbits are my son’s 4-H project, as opposed to pets in the strict sense of the word.

We’d love to get into the same community that my friend Annemarie lives in, and they allow pets, including rabbits. But there aren’t any rentals right now.

This is not going to be easy.

I dislike this discrimination against our furry family members. I can understand placing restrictions based on space. Obviously, a Great Dane in a studio apartment is not in the dog’s best interest, nor is 13 cats in any dwelling of under 2,000 square feet. But to make the blanket statement, “No pets!” is so exclusive. Charge me more for my pets – I understand you think they could damage the carpet – but don’t tell me I can’t have them.


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