I’ve been absent from the blog for awhile now. Part of the absence is due to the usual springtime madness. (I’ll post pictures, I promise.) However, a large part of it is due to the fact that major changes are in the works.

The Biggest News

We’re moving! We are physically moving out of Antioch. In a rare display of concern for my family’s privacy, I’m not going to tell you exactly where we’re moving. We’re staying the Bay Area, but moving north. There are many factors at play in our decision, and I’ll likely blog about them at some point. For now, the reason we’re moving is that Antioch has become unsafe. Last year, there were either 13 or 14 homicides. One of them occurred just next to Jackson’s school. There have been 3 homicides as of this writing. In January, a friend of a friend of Jackson’s was kidnapped from in front of her home. The victim, who was found a few hours after her abduction, is a classmate of a friend of Jackson’s from preschool. That was way too close to home for us.

One of my high school friends and her family live where we’re going. A few years ago, my friend Christy and her family moved east so she could get her Master’s degree. They’re moving back, and they’re going to this city. I asked Christy, “Would it be really stalker-y if we moved there too?” She was actually quite excited by the possibility of having friends there. We’re both excited by the prospect of swapping children for date nights. Her oldest daughter is about to turn 12  and is excited at the idea of being a mother’s helper. Sweet!

The Big News

I found a job! Actually, the job found me. A recruiter called me and inquired if I had the necessary experience. I do. I got an interview. I thought I did well with the woman who interviewed me, but I wasn’t sure what the man thought. Their final question was about commuting: Could I commute to Town? I answered that I could for awhile, but that we would be moving over the summer, and, at that point, I’d have to telecommute, though I could come in once or twice a week. They didn’t seem to be too concerned, and apparently, it really is OK with them. I never reveal the people I work for, so, if I do blog about them, I’ll just call them Not Bank of America (Not BofA), because really, it is a bank but it is not Bank of America. (This isn’t reverse psychology or anything. I really don’t work for Bank of America.) I’ll be doing process documentation, which makes me very happy. I start the first week of May, which is rapidly approaching.

So, if I’m not here for awhile, I am sorry. I do want to fulfill my bloggy goals, and I’m still going to BlogHer. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Changes

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  2. Congratulations on all the changes! My friends have moved out of Antioch as well for the same reasons (way too dangerous too close to home).
    It’s probably a very good idea not to blog about your job at all because anything you say could be used against you (good or bad).
    I also wanted to say I really enjoy all your posts about your “dream” adoption world. We’re in the process of open adoption right now (no child yet) and reading your insights have really helped with our decision making.

    • When I was on LiveJournal, I’d complain about my job because I could lock those posts as Friends Only. I don’t do that anymore – complain or lock posts. I just tend to mention when I’m working or that something is happening at work on occasion, if that makes sense.
      Thank you so much! That’s a very high compliment, and I truly appreciate it.

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