Hello, I’m Robyn Chittister

RobynI check my blog stats about once a week. WordPress gives me a list of the top searches that lead to my page. Usually, they are variations on “adoption network law center reviews” and “gilmore girls ending.” People love my alternate ending to The Gilmore Girls. This week, the number one search is “robyn chittister.” I believe this means that employers and recruiters are searching for my name to find out more about me. Today, I’m going to address them.

Hello Potential Employers and Recruiters: 

My name is Robyn Chittister. I’m primarily a technical writer, with ample experience in marketing communications as well. I created an online portfolio for your perusal. However, I knew you’d likely find this blog. It’s a top hit when you search for my name. As you can see, I don’t blog anonymously. Beginning in 2005, I did blog privately, though not anonymously, at LiveJournal. LiveJournal does not work well with Safari, which is what I started using in 2008, when I got my then-shiny new MacBook Pro. I created this blog with the idea that I would post pictures and family updates, mostly for my mother.

My mother passed away, rather unexpectedly, in May 2009. I left this blog untended for quite some time. I blogged professionally for Adoption.com. I didn’t see the need to update this blog if no one was going to read it. Frankly, it reminded me that my mom was gone.

Then, we decided to adopt again, and I decided to stop blogging for Adoption.com, so I needed an outlet for my adoption-related content. I put it all out here for the world to see, although there are many stories I do not share with this audience. You are part of the world, and I invite you to read as you will. You can read that I have a husband and two children, as well as a penchant for musical theatre. You can read that I am outspoken in my support for open adoption. You can read some of the highs and lows I’ve experienced over the last nine years. The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

I simply want to say that my personal blogging style and my professional writing style are very different. If you’re somehow afraid that I’m going to come in and be this adversarial, gregarious, opinionated, stereotypically-redheaded person, I can assure you that my real-life persona is much calmer.

While you’re here, I’d also like to introduce you to the reason why I telecommute if a job is located more than about 30 miles from my home (which is soon to be in the North Bay). I have a disability called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Essentially, I have nerve damage in my knee that has spread to my ankle. CRPS makes things that ambulatory people take for granted – like driving and sitting – painful. I can provide several references who will tell you that I rock the telecommuting option. I’ve never missed a deadline, not once. I love writing – privately, publicly, and professionally.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Robyn Chittister

Woman of Words

(Photo Credit: Karyn Engle Photography)


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