Holding to the Ground

Holding to the Ground sheet musicThe last time I thought about blog names, people brought up musicals. While it is true that I have a strange and fascinating knowledge of American musical theatre from 1866 to 1997-ish, I just couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t seem trite.

I started thinking in another direction. I was thinking about things I say a lot. One quote that defines my life is, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Unfortunately, there’s already a blog by the name “life is what happens” and the domain is “busymakingotherplans.com” or something like that.

I moved on to “I should write a book.” It doesn’t appear that there’s a blog by that name. People keep telling me that I should write a book, whether it’s about CRPS, adoption, a children’s book, or something else entirely. I write books in my head all the time. But Max thought that sounded like I was dissatisfied with blogging, and I’m not.

Then, when I was thinking about “life is what happens,” I remembered my standard audition song, “Holding to the Ground” from Falsettoland. Trina sings, “Life is never what you planned. Life is moments you can’t understand.” I always liked that, as well as, “Trying to keep sane as the rules keep changing.”

With BlogHer early bird registration demanding that I enter my badge credentials, I turned to a bloggy friend who also enjoys musical theatre. She said, “That’s a pretty awesome title for a blog, and (at least to me) [it] fits with your story.”

So “The Chittister Family” blog has become “Holding to the Ground.”

If you care to hear it, here it is: Holding to the Ground, music & lyrics by William Finn, performed by Faith Prince as Trina.

Life is never what you planned
Life is moments you can’t understand
And that is life

Holding to the ground
As the ground keeps shifting
Trying to keep sane
As the rules keep changing
Keeping up my head
As my heart falls out of sight
Everything will be all right
Everything will be all right

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