I Finished House of Hades, Plus Some Cute Pictures

I realized it’s been awhile since I posted a “how’s life” kind of update for those who care a bit more about my family life than about my opinions on adoption (and everything else).

Aside from looking for a job, I’ve been busy with Memory Book and 4-H. I’m the Co-Chair of the ACA II Memory Book this year, and have been helping the other Co-Chair teach an elective every week. I’m also the 4-H Drama Project leader. I’m trying to read a little bit every night before I go to bed. I finally finished Kinki Creations (thanks Lynne!), which is a book about Black hair care (review to come). I then read Mark of Athena and House of Hades, back to back, thinking they were the last two books in the Heroes of Olympus series. They’re not. A new one is coming in the fall. Thanks a heap, Rick Riordan. Finishing House of Hades means that I’ve started Lori Holden’s book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption. I’m on chapter 4, and just finished reading my interview, which was a little surreal. I have to register for BlogHer this week! Ack!

Jackson has 4-H, Cub Scouts, and swimming lessons. Just today, he presented “The Body Parts of a Rabbit” for County Presentation Day. Primary members (those under age 9) do not get stars, but they do get their comments and scores back. If he had been a junior (9-11), he would have gotten a Gold Star. All primary members are invited to Sectionals, and he’s considering going to present there. He and Max are working on his Pinewood Derby car for Cub Scouts. I think that’s Jackson’s favorite part of Cub Scouts, actually. Now, in swimming lessons, Jackson was a “Manatee” for many moons. Basically, he was able to do freestyle and backstroke across the lesson pool, but not much else. Well, he had one great teacher, who, sadly, left, but he was able to pass Manatee. With his new teacher, he’s progressed to “Swordfish.” He’s now swimming in the lap pool, which goes up to six feet. The next level is “Sea Dragon” and he only needs to meet two more criteria until he gets there. I promised him we’d go to my aunts’ houses and swim in their pools this summer if he got to Sea Dragon. He cried because he thought it was impossible. Now, he’s thinking about swim team. I have to say, school-wise, we’re not really happy. But that’s really more for another post.

Cassie also has swimming lessons. She goes “swimming with Blinda” (Belinda) every Friday. We just joined the pool as a family, because, with the discount I got on lessons for being a member, it only cost me $10 extra per month. Now, I can take Cassie swimming while Jackson has his lessons, which saves me money in child care (aka “Stay and Play”). She’s a “Jellyfish.” She won’t progress any further ’til she’s 3. She loves the water, but she doesn’t really get how to swim. She can tread water, and Belinda is teaching her to jump in and get to the side of the pool, for safety. She loves school and throws a fit every Monday when Jackson goes to school and she doesn’t. She wants to go every day. I really need a job to pay for that. She’s become much more independent, which is a double-edged sword. She loves babies and tea parties and princesses. She’s speaking in complete sentences more often than not. She can count to 12. She’s learning her colors, but still isn’t all that great in that arena. (Jackson excelled at colors, so I’m a little biased.) I’m pretty sure she knows all of her letters by sight now.

My grandmother turned 93. My aunts Carol and Sue, and my cousin Beth and her husband John came to visit.

We had a playdate with my friend Kelly, and her two children. Cassidy is Jackson’s friend and Zoey is Cassie’s. I don’t think we’d seen each other since before Christmas. Hanging out with her reminded me how much I miss hanging out with her. Then, it made me miss my friend Shaina even more.

Grandma Sandy is visiting, which is great fun. It really has been a lovely visit. I even washed my floors!

I got an iPhone 5s for Christmas. My iPhone 3GS suffered irreparable water damage. The camera on the 5s is better than my first 3 digital cameras. I’m taking a lot of pictures and videos of my children. Jenna even convinced me to get an Instagram account. (I’m also using my neglected Twitter account more.) Here are a few recent cute photos.

Jackson and Cassie posing by the door

Aren’t my kids adorable?

Cassie and Ladybug

We counted 22 ladybugs one day

Robyn & Cassie on Great-Grandma's birthday

Dressed up for Great-Grandma’s birthday

Cassie at Preschool Valentine's Day party

Preschool Valentine’s Day party

Jackson and Buttercup

Jackson and Buttercup

Jackson swimming Freestyle in the lap pool

Freestyle in the lap pool

Cassie's dentist visit

Cassie’s dentist visit

Cassie and Zoey on the slides

Playdate with Zoey

Cassie and Grandma Sandy

Grandma Sandy visits

Jackson on County Presentation Day

County Presentation Day

Robyn, Jackson, Sue, Bob, Carol, Max, Beth, John, Diane, Cassie at dinner

Great-Grandma’s 93rd Birthday

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