Happy Holidays 2013

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Happy Holidays from the Chittister Family!


Hello Friends and Family! We hope this letter finds you healthy, happy for this holiday season, and hopeful for the year ahead.  2013 was a really busy year for us, and we’re looking forward to 2014. 

The Top Seventeen Events of 2013

  1. We finalized Cassie’s adoption on January 15, 2013. Max, Robyn, and Cassie went back to Baton Rouge, LA to appear before the judge and officially become a forever family. We were able to visit with Cassie’s birthmother and older sister while we were there.
  2. On January 17, Jackson turned 7.
  3. In February, Jackson attended his first rabbit show. His mini lop, Zella, received first place in her category.
  4. In March, Jackson’s car won first place in his Cub Scout den’s Pinewood Derby.
  5. In April, Auntie Ann (Robyn’s sister) came to visit. She brought Cassie a Lambie doll, which has lead to Cassie’s obsession with Doc McStuffins, a Disney Junior show about a little brown girl who is a doctor to stuffed animals and toys. Cassie can quote most of the episodes of the first season and routinely sings the songs.
  6. On April 26, Robyn’s Sassy cat died fairly peacefully, but unexpectedly, at home. She was 17.
  7. May was all about the County Fair. As a 4-H member, Jackson showed his rabbit in the fair, and had to be at the fair all four days. We had the chance to become better friends with the other 4-H members and their families. Jackson got to help wash sheep and walk goats. He had a great time! (And Zella came in third place in her category.)
  8. On June 1, Jackson bridged from the Tiger den to the Wolf den in Cub Scouts. Grandma Sandy was here both for the fair and for the bridging.
  9. Max’s contract with the Requirements and Processes group at “Pharmaceutical Software Company”  ended in the spring. Later in the summer, he was hired as a full-time employee by the Product Innovation group at the same company. He also took a “short-term” contract with “Eco-Friendly Architecture Company”, but “short term” has somehow become “no end in sight.”
  10. If that wasn’t enough, Max also coached Jackson’s soccer team, the Timelords. It’s a Doctor Who thing.
  11. On July 27, Max and Robyn celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary by attending the wedding of the children’s baby-sitter and family friend Robyn S. to Robert S. We then bemoaned the best baby-sitter ever moving to North Carolina with her new husband. We miss her lots!
  12. Speaking of weddings, in August, we drove down to San Juan Capistrano to spend a day with Robyn’s Aunt Carol and Uncle Jon before driving another hour to Coronado, where Robyn’s cousin Scott and his wife Hannah celebrated their marriage. We were so excited to see Robyn’s mother’s family, most of whom turned out for the event, despite being scattered all over the country now.
  13. Jackson started second grade at Antioch Charter Academy II.
  14. In September, Robyn decided to test our new health insurance by spraining her ankle. In October, she confirmed with her pain specialist that the CRPS in her knee has spread to her ankle.
  15. At the same time Robyn was spraining her ankle, Max’s car died a slow horrible death. So, we purchased a 2010 Toyota Sienna and officially became minivan owners.
  16. Cassie turned 2 on October 25. She is 31 pounds and 35 inches tall. She began attending preschool at the same school Jackson attended. She loves school! She’s already made great leaps in her communication skills, which weren’t too shabby to begin with. She’s also learning her colors. She knows her alphabet and can identify more than half of the letters by sight. She can count to 11. She loves to paint, color, and draw.
  17. In October, we welcomed a new furry family member: Buttercup, a 4-month old Holland lop, who is smaller than Zella. She will be Jackson’s showmanship rabbit for the fair.

Happy Holidays and a Very Merry New Year!

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