Cassie started preschool this week. She’s at the same preschool that Jackson attended from 2008 through 2011. I don’t actually intend to tell you where she goes to preschool, so I’m just going to call it “Preschool.” Preschool takes children once they turn two. Cassie turned two last Friday. The first day she was eligible to attend Preschool was Monday. That was her trial day.

When she was born, the date 10/28/2013 was a part of my password for awhile. I knew even then that 10/28/2013 would be the date she would start Preschool.

Apparently, through my zealousness, I have cultivated the belief that the reason Cassie is attending Preschool is so I can get rid of her and have some “free time.” I will admit that I am fond of having time to myself. I was a loner growing up, and I do enjoy alone time, which has been in short supply since Cassie was born. However, having that alone time is only one reason that Cassie is attending Preschool, and it is not even the primary reason.

The primary reason that Cassie is attending Preschool is that we love this Preschool. We weren’t supposed to leave it. We had planned on adopting again when Jackson was 3 or 4, meaning that he and Cassie would have overlapped a little bit. Instead, we didn’t adopt Cassie until Jackson had already left Preschool. It was a very emotional good-bye. At that time, we didn’t even know when (if?) we would have another child to go there. If you’re in the Antioch area, and you want your child to attend The Best Preschool in Antioch, contact me. When we were looking at places for Jackson, I lost count at 14 – that’s how many places I evaluated. Preschool is hands-down the best. It’s also the most expensive, which brings me to my next reason for Cassie to attend Preschool.

I need to go back to work. Technically, I’ve been freelancing since she was born. However, I’ve only had a couple of clients. I’ve had very limited availability due to child care issues. I have a freelancing gig set up for November and December, but then, I will need to find a permanent employment solution. For the record, I’m a technical writer and editor, so if you need anyone to write any kind of online help, manual, textbook, web site, blog… basically, if you can read it, I can write it. So call me!

I’m not working just to put Cassie into an excellent Preschool. I love my children. I love spending time with them, going on field trips, volunteering at school, and visiting fun spots around the Bay Area. But I also love writing. I love FrameMaker.  (I know, that probably makes me insane.) I love using my technical brain and helping other people get their jobs done. Ideally, I would find a permanent part-time job within 30 miles of home, or even a full-time job working flexible hours from my home. I mean, we do have that office.

Another thing about Preschool is, Cassie is ready. She’s ready to be hanging out with kids her own age. When we go to my friend Shaina’s house – remember, Shaina has 5 kids – Cassie always has a ball. She can play and frolic and not have anyone push her away from the Legos. She enjoys tandem play, and is starting to play with other people. She’s also wicked smart. She can count to 11 and say her ABCs. She can recognize most of the letters. She’s starting to get into cause and effect, such as “What will happen if I pour this water from the big cup into the small cup? Oh, Mommy freaks out.” At Preschool, pouring water is a Montessori “job.” She came home from her first day knowing the word “job” and being proud of herself. She wants to be more independent, and Montessori is great for that.

I was worried. Cassie is very clingy – more than Jackson ever was. I was afraid there would be tears and screaming, from Cassie, not me. I had brought her 3 times for half an hour, getting her used to the idea. We talked up Preschool all last week. We got a new lunchbox and a nap blanket. On Monday, she let me do her hair like a Princess, and we went to school. She ran up the path to the door.

Cassie Reaching for the preschool door

Once we got inside, she was a little trepidatious.

Cassie Inside preschool

She needed a little coaxing to go down the steps into the main area, but once she got there, she started grabbing the jobs. I had to redirect her outside – the kids start the day playing outside on the playground.

She immediately ran for a Little Tykes truck.

Cassie driving a Little Tykes pick up truck

And there she stayed, while I talked to Miss Kirsten, her teacher, who is brown (Black) like Cassie. I like Miss Kirsten. She’s new, but Miss Devie and Ms. Dore are still there, as well as Miss Jamie, who was new when Jackson left. (I think his last day was the end of her first week.)

When I was done talking to Miss Kirsten, I walked over to Cassie and told her bye-bye, that I would be coming back before lunch time. She got out of the car… and walked over to the slide.

No tears.

When I came to get her, she was happy to see me, but not overly so. She had great fun at school. When I told her that she was going to eat at school the next day, she said, “Yay!” and then when I said she would nap there too, she said, “Yay!”

YAY! Indeed!

Her first week has gone well. I’m going to miss her first Halloween parade because Jackson’s school has their party at the same time, and I need to go and take pictures for the Memory Book. Max is going to Cassie’s parade with our old camera.

Cassie really seems to love Preschool!

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