Zenni Optical Rocks!

We interrupt this quiet, but usually family and adoption centered blog for a word from me about a company that made me happy. (I did not/am not receiving any money for this post.)

The back story: Although we had eye insurance this spring, no one within 25 miles of our house actually took said insurance. This was a problem, because Cassie’s Mother’s Day gift to me was helping me break my glasses in two. Literally. I remembered my friend Karyn had said something about ordering glasses on the Internet, and I know I bookmarked the place from Jenna’s old post about the same thing… when I told our baby-sitter, who is Karyn’s sister, she said, “Zenni Optical!”

So, I looked at my bookmarks, and indeed, it was Zenni Optical that I had bookmarked, so presumably Jenna recommended them too. I got an eye exam at Costco and I ordered a lovely new pair of glasses from Zenni Optical for $19.95. That included shipping. I got them the day before the County Fair started, which was at the tail end of their standard delivery time frame.

I knew I would eventually need new sunglasses too, but was hesitant to spend more money. They were lopsided from Cassie playing with them, bending them like a pretzel. I had bent them back into shape, more or less. Then, one weekend, she played with them and I sat on them afterward, and the lopsidedness was unavoidable.

I looked at Zenni’s shipping policy. The fastest shipping they offered, for $18.95, would get the glasses to me in 6-8 business days. We were going on a road trip to my cousin’s wedding in 6 days. Another site would get the glasses to me in 3 days, but I didn’t care for any of their frames. Plus, I had experience with Zenni.

This is what Zenni says about their shipping:

Most orders will be delivered in about two weeks. Orders that require extra or custom lab work like progressives, bi-focals, custom suntint, or extra strength prescriptions can take three to six days extra.

I took a leap of faith and ordered the glasses. There was a place for comments. I typed, “If there’s any way you can get these glasses to me by August 11, I will shout your praises on social media!”

My glasses shipped the very next day.

I received them on Thursday, August 8.

I wanted to make sure to fulfill my promise of shouting out to the Internet world: Zenni Optical Rocks!

I highly recommend them for your eyeglass needs.

Pictured below are my pretty purple sunglasses and my practical silver spectacles.

Purple sunglasses and silver eyeglasses Purple sunglasses

3 thoughts on “Zenni Optical Rocks!

  1. We love Zenni. Even though you can’t try them on like you would in a brick and mortar store, they even have a little “model” app that lets you try the glasses onto different faces to see what they look like. And the frames are so inexpensive that you feel free to experiment with styles you might not otherwise try.

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