Cassie Had Her Hair Braided

A quick post with an update on Cassie’s hair: It’s been braided!

My friend Cheyenne recommended her salon, so off we went on Tuesday. Cassie was overwhelmed when we walked in the door and four ladies exclaimed “Oh, she’s so cute!” and the like. One lady even got in her face a bit.

Freak out time!

She did calm down once she got in the chair and was watching “Yammie” (the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins) on my iPhone. I couldn’t leave her side, though. She also kept wiggling around, and got up to leave a few times during the hour-long process. The front two braids are particularly wonky, as she kept whipping her head around. The ladies at the salon want me to put a do-rag on her head at night. As I suspected, that didn’t work. She just took it right off. My friend Shaina is making a sleep cap. We’ll see if that works. My friend Cheyenne is looking for the sleep cap her son used when they kept his hair long. Again, we’ll see if that works.

Max doesn’t like Cassie’s hair braided. He says that she doesn’t look like herself. I tend to agree, though I do think the braids are cute. They are not, however, economically feasible. They need to be redone every 2-3 weeks at $45 per session (though the stylist gave me a discount this time because she couldn’t do her usual caliber job due to Cassie’s fidgeting). I think that, after these braids go, we’ll have to have her hair cut short until such time that Cassie decides she’s going to cooperate with the whole hair styling gig. Me braiding her hair is not really an option, in either the short or long term. I don’t really know how to braid a person’s hair (as opposed to a doll’s hair). If she were to let me put it in puffs or pigtails again… but she’ll rip out any kind of hair ornament.

They also said her hair was dry. It is. I have to find a leave-in conditioner to which I am not allergic. We’ll go back to using the coconut oil, though I don’t think there’s all that much a difference when we use it as opposed to when we don’t. We’ve been using Shea Moisture products recently, and I’m happy with them. They do have some natural fragrances, but they don’t seem to set off my allergies. (Well, the avocado and shea butter lotion does, but the smell dissipates quickly.)

Now, for what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for… pictures of Cassie with her hair braided.

Cassie's Braids, front Cassie's Braids, Side Cassie's Braids, Back

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