53 Drafts: What Do You Want to Read About?

First, apologies to my followers, who just got spammed with several past posts. Every so often, I’m moving over content from my Live Journal. I had these laudable goals of doing one post per night or something, and ended up with several in draft form. I was going through my drafts, trying to figure out what to write about next, and just decided to publish all the old content.

I have 53 draft posts.

I have even more ideas floating around in my head.

Would any of my readers care to comment with what they think I should write about? What would you like to read?

To give you an idea of some of the fluff and stuff I’ve been considering:

  • Racial Discounting (the practice of charging fees based on the race of the child)
  • Baby Veronica
  • More Stupid Web Site Clips
  • Forced Fatherhood
  • Everyone Should Have a Home Study
  • Teenage parenting
  • Gender creativity
  • About Race
  • Open Records
  • Stupid things people say
  • Robyn’s Adoption Land… so many posts!
  • Discrimination
  • Putative Father Registries
  • Gay Marriage
  • Family history Tuesday prompts

Yeah… I’m not going to list all 53 things. And this doesn’t even include thoughts on the George Zimmerman verdict, the “n” word, the County Fair, and recent comments I’ve made on forums on which I’d like to expand.

So, tell me, what should come next?


5 thoughts on “53 Drafts: What Do You Want to Read About?

  1. Well, I’m a fan of pretty much anything you write, I am probably a bad person to ask. That being said, I’d love to hear your take on Baby Veronica and Discrimination! I have a post in the works about Race that I will hopefully post a little later this week. But, I’d totally be curious to hear your take on it. Hope all is well!!

  2. I second Rain. I’ve actually been waiting for your Baby Veronica post as well as your Zimmerman post since I was sure they were in the making. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed your follow ups to comments on other posts since I don’t spend as much time as I used to reading blogs (i’ve been trying to read paper books!) so its nice to have a link to the current debates.

    • Ask and ye shall receive! I spent 2 hours working on a comprehensive Baby Veronica post. You must now read it and comment on it in detail. 🙂
      The Zimmerman thing… that’s… I’m having a hard time finding the words.

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