Thoughts from One Birthmom

I read the BirthMom Buds blog. Many different birthmothers blog there, and they all have different stories. One particular post really spoke to me. It includes the following paragraph:

Adoption is HARD, but it also BEAUTIFUL. Adoption is not weak, it is BRAVE. Adoption is not selfish, it is SELFLESS. Adoption is not shameful, it is INSPIRING. Adoption is not indifference, it is LOVE. These are the key words that need to be used when discussing adoption.

I know there are problems with adoption, both as an institution and as an industry. I have never said anything is perfect, and adoption is certainly not perfect. Adoption is messy, but adoption is also awesome. The anti-adoption crowd likes to talk about adoptions ripping families apart, but I have found, especially in Jackson’s adoption, that adoptions bring families together. I know that’s not true for everyone, but I believe it should be true. I believe we should be working towards that as an adoption community.

I just wanted to share, short and sweet.



One thought on “Thoughts from One Birthmom

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