Little Bit of Heaven Adoption Referral

Little Bit of Heaven Adoption Referral was the first adoption professional with whom we signed. (I suppose, technically, we signed with Pact first, but that didn’t work out.) Betty Graham Smith at LBoH came recommended so many times from so many different sources, I lost track. I just knew that everyone who worked with her liked her.

It took us awhile to get registered with LBoH. We sent our initial inquiry at the beginning of October 2010 and we didn’t get registered until mid-November. Once we were registered, though, situations came practically every day. LBoH definitely had the most situations of any of the referral services with whom we worked.

Betty herself was pleasant and professional. She’s a one-woman show, though (or was at the time, I don’t know if she still is), and it did increase her response time. Where Martine and Kenya from Bundle of Joy would always get back within 24 hours, if not the same day, with Betty, it would take multiple days.

We asked to be presented for several situations, but we were never chosen. We learned that if we weren’t contacted immediately, then we hadn’t been chosen at all.

Most of LBoH’s situations were in the $25,000-$35,000 range. Some were even higher. Sometimes, people would complain about the fees, but Betty doesn’t set those, the agencies and attorneys do. Many of the situations were in Florida. Most of the time, the baby’s gender was known. Sometimes, there were baby born situations. Occasionally, there were older children available for private adoption as well. (This hardly ever happens in the US. Most older child adoptions are through foster care.)

LBoH works with at least one agency that requires a statement of Christian faith.

I certainly don’t regret signing up with LBoH. The fee at the time was very reasonable, and there were certainly a lot of situations available. For us, the biggest issue was budget – most of the situations were out of our range. If prospective adoptive parents had a larger budget, I would recommend LBoH.


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