A Bundle of Joy

On the road to Cassie’s adoption, we signed with many different referral services. A Bundle of Joy Adoption Referral was the last referral service with which we registered, in March 2011. Prior to that, BoJ wasn’t accepting applications for families who were gender specific. I was told that they did allow prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) to specify, but they could only take so many at a time. Once they got some of the PAPs who were specifying gender off their books, they could accept more.

BoJ came recommended by a few people on the African American Domestic Adoption and Placement group. Once I started to deal with them, I could see why. Both of the women who run the service, Kenya and Martine, were very responsive, compassionate, and helpful.

They had a baby born situation. A baby girl, Caucasian, Asian, and African American, had been born in Florida. The new mother/birthmother was bipolar and schizophrenic, and she took her meds throughout the pregnancy. Martine and Kenya both responded very quickly when I inquired about the situation, gave me all the information I needed to give to our pediatrician so he could tell me what he knew about the meds, and were just generally on-the-ball. I was calling and emailing and asking all kinds of questions, and they were right there with the answers. Ultimately, we decided not to be presented for the situation. (If enough people want to know why, I’ll write another post about that.)

Most of BoJ’s situations were $25,000 and up. Many of them were gender unknown. They work with some agencies that discriminate on the basis of religion or sexual orientation. All of that said, I would definitely recommend Bundle of Joy. Kenya and Martine were great people to work with.

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