If I Had $590.5 Million

I don’t play the lottery, Powerball or otherwise. I think I’ve bought two lottery tickets in my entire life. And yet, like the blonde in that joke, I still dream of winning the lottery. I mean, who doesn’t.

The winning numbers last weekend were 10, 13, 14, 22, 52 with Powerball number 11. I would not have picked any of them. Apparently, someone did.

But let’s say I did win $590.5 million. What would I do with it?

First, I’d do the time-honored pay off debt thing. (Included in this item is putting money in the college account that already exists for Jackson and Cassie.)

Second, I’d get the necessities. Max needs a new phone. We need a new washer/dryer. We need a new car, and to fix one of our current cars. We both could use new computers.

Third, I would find a way to secure my dream homes. Yes, homes. I want a beach house damnit! Just one beach house and one regular, everyday house. With a pool. And a library. That uses solar energy and green building materials.

Fourth, I would take a month-long trip to Disney World. I would invite and pay for various groupings of friends and family to come for specific, shorter amounts of time. This way, we’d get to spend one-on-one time with the people we’re closest to at the Happiest Place on Earth. Jackson’s birth family and Cassie’s birth family would be at the top of the list. Then Max’s best friend and his family. The McMillians, the Campbells (if Anthony doesn’t have a heart attack at the very idea). Some college friends we love to talk to but haven’t seen in ages. My Swedish penpal Helena, who lives in Spain, and her family.

Fifth, I’d take a family trip to New Hampshire. It would be a lot easier than taking all of my NH friends to Disney World. Plus, it seems that most of my NH friends just went to Disney World. (Not that I’m jealous or anything.)

Sixth, I’d let Jackson pick a few things off his massive Amazon.com wish list, and probably go a tad overboard getting Cassie a few things too. Max would also get to pick a few items. (I see a big, flat screen TV in our fantasy future.) I might get the Jasper Ken doll to go with my Alice Barbie.

After all the necessary and frivolous spending, there are a lot of things I’d consider doing:

  • Starting college accounts for my children’s birth siblings.
  • Building a permanent theater for Scotch ‘n’ Soda at CMU, provided I could name it.
  • Providing a permanent home for Jackson’s school. (Although, in light of recent events, there would be some strings attached.)
  • Donating to charity, of course. I just don’t know which charities. There are so many of them! The Cheetah Fund, definitely.
  • Buying every large gDiapers item, even the ones I don’t particularly like, and holding on to them for our baby-sitter to give to her when she has a child. (She’s, like, 24, and getting married soon, so it’s not like I’d be holding on to them indefinitely.)
  • It might be cool to start a grant program for people who want to adopt. Or to create a scholarship to CMU in my grandfather’s name (he was a Carnegie Tech alum). We might even be able to do both.

What would you do with $590.5 million?

3 thoughts on “If I Had $590.5 Million

  1. Great post! The first thing I’d do is take my entire family (mom, dad, Bro, Jewel, the kids, us) all to Europe. I want my father to see the Valley of the Fallen and the Sagrada Familia in Spain. I want my mom to visit Austria and Milan. I can’t wait to take Cadet to Ireland (he’s part Irish) and McRuger to Scotland. And then we’d all spend some time in Switzerland and Italy. Of course, we’d do the practical things too…but travel is one thing I’d like to do first!!!

    • Travel! Yes… I’ve always wanted to go to France, Australia, and Egypt. I’d have to wait ’til Cassie was older, though. I’m not one of those moms who’s really good at traveling with small children.

  2. Hi! I’m not sure if you’re still checking your feedback on this blog. I’d like to talk with you by phone or email regarding your adoption experience. I LOVE your blog about how you ended up choosing your facilitators. My husband and I have finished our home study and are adopting for the first time. We have a list similar to yours and I just need to bounce some thoughts off of someone who’s “been there.” If it’s not too much trouble, please email me. lexdindal @ gmail.com THANK YOU!

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