How Do the Kids Feel Now That Miss M’s Gone?

For background information about this post, please see the previous post.

In a nutshell, I taught the Publications class, which is responsible for the student newspaper, at my son’s school. The staff would not allow the students to publish this article in the student newspaper. The girls wanted to send it to the “real newspaper,” but settled for a spot on my blog. I believe part of my job as Publications teacher is to ensure that the students’ voices are heard, so I thought this was a good compromise.

Please remember that the author is a 9-year old in 4th grade. (Read: Don’t malign the writing.)

If the article had run in the student newspaper, I would have taken the italicized text out. It’s necessary here for context.

How Do the Kids Feel Now That Miss M’s Gone?

Written by Audrey, with support from Carriann, Crystal, Ruby, Savannah, Soren, and Mrs. C.*

Do you want to know something about a teacher? We call her Miss M. You may know that she’s accused of duck-taping [sic] a kid’s mouth.  This was all in the news and in the newspaper.

So, I, Audrey, went down to Kindergarten and First Grade to ask them how they felt about Miss M being gone. One person said, “I miss Miss M a lot.” Another said, “I felt sad, mad, and went home and cried.” The kids I interviewed were Sophia, Jackson, Evan, Billy, Takya, Hailey, and one other boy. I also talked to a few Intermediate students. They said the same thing to me – they miss Miss M.

So if you have wondered where Miss M. is, you just found out. That’s the story about Miss M.


* The girls and I wanted to include our names in support of Audrey’s writing the article, and to indicate our disappointment that the article could not run in the student newspaper.

4 thoughts on “How Do the Kids Feel Now That Miss M’s Gone?

  1. Hi Audrey, I liked your article. Feeling sad and mad are very valid feelings. I’ve never met Miss M. but I get the feeling from your article that a lot of her students liked her. I’m sorry your article couldn’t be published. I hope Miss M. gets to see it.

    • Thank you so much! I will let Audrey know about your comment. I gave the girls in the class the link, so it’s possible she’ll see this too.

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