Oh For God’s Sake People!

I’m only going to say this once:

  • An apostrophe s (‘s) is possessive.
  • An s or es is plural.
  • An s or es apostrophe (s’ or es’) is plural possessive.


Some mothers like to celebrate Mother‘s Day.


Some mother‘s like to celebrate Mother’s Day.

It would also be acceptable to call Mother‘s Day, Mothers’ Day, if you are referring to the fact that the day honors more than one mother.


Safe Sunscreens


Safe Sunscreen’s


For all the mamas


For all the mama‘s

Almost every blogger I read makes this mistake, sometimes often.* It drives me flipping insane!

While we’re on the topic, when I used to read Twilight fanfic, I would decide what to look into by determining if the writer understood the difference between Cullens, Cullen’s, and Cullens’.

  • The Cullens are not a typical family. (plural)
  • Alice Cullen’s ability to see the future helps her family financially. (possessive)
  • Most werewolves would not want to go to the Cullens’ house. (plural possessive)


* For the record, Jenna at Stop, Drop, and Blog never does, and I don’t think Rain at Weathering Storms does either. There are maybe three more who don’t make the mistake, but it’s so, so, so common!


13 thoughts on “Oh For God’s Sake People!

    • I really should have been nicer in my tone. I was just having a stress-full night and was reading because I couldn’t sleep. Then, three blogs in a row misused the comma s, and I kind of went off the deep end.

  1. The one that bugs me is there/their and your/you’re. Now I’m going to have to check my blog to see if I misused the ‘s/es terms recently…

  2. I know I totally misuse commas, quotes, ellipses, and parentheticals…. (did you see what I did there?)….

    The mistakes that always irk me are: advice/advise and saw/seen. When I read something like “I seen that” or “he gave me some advise”, it makes me go cross-eyed.

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