Open Adoption Blog Hop #3: Movie of My Life

HOPThe Open Adoption Bloggers thought it might be fun to also get to know one another in a more lighthearted way through a good old-fashioned blog hop! Each blogger answers a question, and we post our links. We then comment on at least three other people’s blogs. Fun!

They are making a movie of your life. Tell us all about it! Is it a drama? Action flick? Rom-com? Which star will play you?

Well, let’s see. Crappy, though not entirely awful, childhood. Outcast at a Catholic elementary school. Drama geek in high school. College girl gone 3000 miles across the country to get away from everything she knows, trying and failing to get into the nation’s top drama school. Downsized from her first real job in sunny California. Moves 3000 miles back across the country. Gets weird, painful disorder 6 months after she gets married. Moves back to California again and quits job to pursue adoption. Adopts a baby boy. Becomes a mother. Leaves MOMS Club after they ban dads. Adopts a baby girl. Husband loses job, goes on Food Stamps.

Yeah… I think my life is a drama. Maybe not a very interesting one, although… we could make it a musical! A musical drama! That’ll do really well at the box office. Anyway…

A roommate once told me that I looked like Emmanuelle Beart. However, he was German, so I’m not sure he could be trusted. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I look like Tori Amos. It’s the hair. Tori is a much better singer than I am. Idina Menzel – at my best, I could totally sing like Idina Menzel. Really. Yes, for the older years, Idina Menzel. Possibly Debra Messing, if you padded her all over. And, can she sing?

For the younger years, we would raid all community theatre productions of Annie for the auditions.

What do you think?

Emmanuelle BéartTori AmosIdina MenzelDebra Messing

13 thoughts on “Open Adoption Blog Hop #3: Movie of My Life

    • Thank you Melanie! I did pick a picture in which she looked a little more human. Her more recent pictures especially are very ethereal. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  1. I like the musical idea. My movie would definitely not be a musical… I have very limited musical talent, ha ha… but I do have these random moments in life where I imagine a soundtrack that would go perfectly with that exact moment. It’s funny. I *wish* life had sweeping soundtracks that coincide perfectly with the feeling of the moment. I would totally watch your movie. 🙂

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