Robyn’s Adoption Land

Tree with signs on it from Alice in Wonderland
On the heels of yesterday’s post, this month, I’d like to write about a lot of topics that I’ve had in mind for years now. Whenever I’ve been interviewed for the Open Adoption Blogger Interview project, I am asked about how I might change adoption. I’ve never been able to give a complete answer. Adoption is a complex subject, after all, and there are so many pieces. Starting Thursday, I’m finally going to write the posts that have been in draft form, either physically behind-the-scenes on my blog or mentally in this big, rattling space I call a brain. The theme of these posts? How I would change adoption. Hence, the title “Robyn’s Adoption Land.”

Mostly, I am going to be talking about private domestic adoption. I might touch on foster care and foster adopt a little bit, but not much. I won’t be talking about international adoption at all.

These are just my opinions. I doubt anything will ever come of them. I’m hoping that my readers will share their opinions in the comments. I’m also hoping that my readers who have blogs might use my posts to create their own posts on the subjects I cover. I think it would be educational.

Tomorrow, I have an Open Adoption Book Club post scheduled. But on Thursday, my plan is to start telling you what I would do if I was Queen of Adoption, in Robyn’s Adoption Land.

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