Cassie’s First Hair Cut (or, I Give Up)

Cassie had her very first hair cut Wednesday, January 9. Her hair on top was pretty darn long, her hair on the sides was somewhat shorter, and her hair on the back of her head was very short. She had that bald spot when she was a little baby, so the back was maybe an inch long if you combed it all the way out. Meanwhile, the top of her head had so much hair – it was more like 4 inches. I had really been trying to do her hair every day, beginning in late July. I sat her in her high chair in front of the computer with YouTube videos of Sesame Street and Baby Einstein. It was still tough to get her to sit still. Then, once I’d get her hair done, she’d pull it out. It got to where she was pulling her hair accessories out as I was doing her hair.

After my father’s 75th  birthday dinner, during which I kept grabbing Cassie’s hands and trying to re-direct her, I felt like giving up. I called my friend Shaina and she said I should just wait until Cassie wants to have her hair done. I trust Shaina in matters that matter, so, while I comb Cassie’s hair everyday (after spraying it with water mixed with conditioner), I haven’t been doing anything else to it.

We’re going to finalize her adoption on Tuesday, so I thought we’d get her hair cut for the first time today. I was concerned – Cassie squirms worse than any worm I’ve ever seen, and her hair is so tightly curly – I wasn’t sure they’d do a good job. I took her to Lollipops, the children’s hair salon that has cars to sit in and movies to watch. Jackson gets his hair cut there (but his isn’t nearly as curly and coarse as hers). Apparently, my worry was for naught. The stylist did a great job, despite the fact that Cassie kept trying to get out of the car. (Cassie chose Lightning McQueen, for anyone who is interested in such things.) I even got a nifty little certificate with a lock of her hair attached.

Click the pictures below to see larger ones.

And here’s a small gallery of her hair when I did do it (and once when she did).

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