What’s In a Blog Name?

I started “blogging,” if you can call it that, on LiveJournal in 2005. I still think of it as an online journal, more than a blog, and it was named “Redhead’s Reflections and Ramblings.”

I think I started this blog in 2008, after I bought my brand new shiny MacBook Pro. LiveJournal and Safari didn’t get along, and it was a pain to post pics to LJ in any case, so I came over here to WordPress. This blog was just supposed to be for family updates, and I really expected only my Mom, and maybe two of my aunts, to read it. So, I called it “The Chittister Family.” I’m a technical writer; I call things what they are.

From 2009 through the end of 2010, I blogged over at AdoptionBlogs.com. I decided to stop blogging there. Meanwhile, LJ was acting wonky. So, more of my thoughts were ending up over here. For 2010 and part of 2011, this blog was also our online adoption profile, so we had to keep “The Chittister Family” name.

I’m actually getting a little bit of a following here. Thank you followers! I’d like to have more followers. I’m never going to be Jenna of The Chronicles of Munchkinland or Heather of Production, Not Reproduction, but I think I could be more visible than I am now. I mean, Malinda of AdoptionTalk posts adoption-related news and opinions as well as her family vacation photos. (Not that I could be Malinda either. My point is that is has been done. I don’t need two blogs.)

I’m one of the few Open Adoption Bloggers without a catchy name. I feel like I want a catchy name. I’m not good at catchy names. And we don’t want Max naming things. Trust me. (He named our light-up snowman “Bob.” He named the seamless drop for Scotch ‘n’ Soda “Carl.” He gave power tools names that cannot be used on a family blog. And did I mention that my dad’s name is Bob, so it’s really weird to talk about “putting Bob in a box in the garage”? Yeah. Max doesn’t get to name things.)

So, I need a catchy name. Anyone have any suggestions?




13 thoughts on “What’s In a Blog Name?

  1. We name every piece of technology we have: Thunder, Lacy, Luxor, Frost, Bartleby… are just a few of the names we’ve had in our tech “family”. I used to name trees on the farm when I was a kid too!

    I really think your name should reflect your unique family or something that you care about. So, perhaps borrowing a song title that you like in musical theater or a quote from your favorite play? Perhaps a chapter title from a book?

    I’m just going to throw a few out there….Que Sera Sera, Words Words Words, Somewhere That’s Green, Any Dream Will Do, or Chittister Megamix. You could really go in a lot of different directions.

    That being said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your blog name now. It’s simple and to the point…there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • I like your line of thinking. Is “Words, Words, Words” a “Witches of Eastwick” reference? Because that’s some pretty hardcore musical theatre geekery right there! ๐Ÿ™‚
      My iPhone’s name is Andromeda. My external hard drive is Athena. Jackson’s iPod is Optimus. Oddly, my computer doesn’t have a name.

  2. I know I missed you when you left LiveJournal! I’m glad to be rid of that place now…I still cannot log in over there and it has been since the end of December since I last got in…but I digress. Robyn, in all honesty I’m not sure what you should call it. The truth usually works best and can be very catchy! I’m not even sure the title of my own blog is right for me, or how to pictures on it, I’m still learning.

    Good luck in your search!

  3. I’ve actually considered starting a new blog just generally about being a mom (with adoption peppered in) but have not because i’m stuck on the name. Can’t wait to hear what you figure out!

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