Christmas 2012

I think I’m mostly going to let the pictures do the talking…

Cassie did not care one iota about opening presents. She found the entire thing tiresome. She enjoyed her usual routine of walking around the room with random items – especially Jackson’s new stamp pad. Her favorite items from the day (other than the stamp pad, the styrofoam packing, and the fork and cupcake from Jackson’s kitchen) were her Leah’s Farm Signing Time DVD, the Fisher Price Stand and Play Ramp (with extra Wheelies), and her board books. Her complete list of presents: 3 new outfits and 1 pair of pjs, 2 new shirts and 1 pair of leggings, a set of snack cups (from Jackson), a snail drum and xylophone, a basket of babies and a prayer book, the Stand and Play Ramp with extra Wheelies (from Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Clyde), Strega Nona, 2 best friend dolls, money, Mickey’s Christmas Carol,  That’s What Grandmas Do (from Grandma Sandy), socks, 3 new shirts, the Fisher Price Little People Batgirl and Wonder Woman, a Santa Bear, Toto and The Wizard of Oz book, a Melissa and Doug puzzle, the Battat Zany Zoo busy box, A Silent Night for Peef, 2 board books by Sandra Boynton, a Signing Time DVD, a cage bell, earrings, and a slew of hair things.

Jackson cared a great deal about opening presents, of course. He was very good about letting everyone open their one present before he dug in to open his. His favorite presents were his remote control vehicles, one of which Grandpa Bob almost broke. That was a lot of fun to deal with. (My dad is a stubborn 6-year old in a 75-year old’s body.) Fortunately, Daddy was able to fix it. But tears were shed on Christmas, as seems to happen a lot when my father is involved. Jackson’s complete list of presents: money, the Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem set and an extra car, Battleship (the game), the first 4 Magic Treehouse books, a remote control helicopter (from Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Clyde), 2 books (from his teacher), a remote control motorbike, paintbrushes, 2 Lego City sets, Superman flip flops, 2 dinosaur model kits and a book, 2 pairs of pants, 1 shirt, 2 Lego mini-figures (from Cassie), 6 Ninjago spinners, the Lego Lord of the Rings Orc Forge, a stamp pad and alphabet stamps, markers and a drawing pad, Angry Birds Band-Aids, candy, earrings, 2 Berenstain Bears books, and the Young Farmer’s Almanac (from Grandpa Bob).

Jackson was sent to his room once, for being mean to Grandpa Bob. Jackson jumped off of his bed and cut his finger, so he got to use his Angry Bird Band-Aids. (Max got Muppet Band-Aids in his stocking.) Jackson has a rabbit now (more about that later, I’m sure), and she got some celery as a special Christmas treat.

Max made an excellent dinner – one of his best, I think. I’m looking forward to the left overs. We had a plethora of desserts, including 2 kinds of my homemade fudge (I saved some for us this year), and boxes of chocolates from Max’s employers. (Raspberry chambord truffle… mmmm….)

We got to talk using Face Time with Auntie Ann. Cassie just stared and stared. She waved “hi”. It was adorable! I got to talk to Laine for a brief period of time. Greta (Jackson’s birthmother’s mom) called and we talked for awhile. My friend Anna called but my phone died. My friend Christy and her family are coming to visit next week!

Oh, and in other news, we have our final post-placement visit ever on Thursday. Woo hoo!

4 thoughts on “Christmas 2012

    • Our social worker came today and was amazed that Jackson is almost 7. They worked with us in 2005 for his adoption. It’s days like Christmas that I wish my sister lived closer with her kids. It would be great for Jackson to have his cousins on Christmas day.

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