Happy Holidays from the Chittister Family

Hello Friends and Family! We hope this letter finds you healthy, happy for this holiday season, and hopeful for the year ahead. Last year, I tried brevity in our letter. I liked it. And thus, I think we’ve found a new tradition.

The Top Thirteen Events of 2012

(in chronological order)

  1. Jackson turned 6! He had a Lego birthday party, for which Robyn made Lego brick cakes. Robyn’s sister will be amused to know that she set our oven on fire doing so.
  2. In February, Robyn’s grandmother, Diane, turned 90. Many aunts, uncles, and cousins traveled out to Walnut Creek for two special dinners. It was really wonderful to hang with family again.
  3. February 29 was the last day of Max’s contract job. He had been creating training for the PGA since October 2009. The contract ended a bit unexpectedly, and Max was out of work for just over four months. At the same time, organizational changes at the companies for which Robyn had worked meant that she didn’t have a contract either. Spring and summer were a little uncertain, but we weathered it all well. Max started working in San Francisco in July, and is also freelancing as a blogger and editor when he can. Robyn was able to continue her freelancing relationship with last year’s client in November & December, and hopes to keep being their go-to writer/editor for their busy times.
  4. On April 1, Robyn threw a Twilight-themed baby shower for her friend Shaina. It was awesome! Even Shaina said so, and her opinion is the one that matters most.
  5. Also in April, Jackson’s school held their annual Walkathon. A huge thank you to our many friends and family members who donated to this event! Antioch Charter Academy II raised over $18,000, which was used to purchase computers, iPads, and science equipment, and to create a black-top area with basketball courts.
  6. Our good friends came to visit for 4th of July weekend. They got to see Jackson lose his first tooth at the 4th of July parade. He lost his second tooth the very next day. (They’re coming for Christmas too. Hooray!)
  7. On July 27, Max and Robyn celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Robyn’s cousins, Joe and Wendi very kindly watched the children for the weekend so Max and Robyn could have some adult quiet time.
  8. Jackson played soccer again this season. There was some drama surrounding the team, and a coaching change that promoted Max from parent to Assistant Coach. Jackson scored his first goal ever this September!
  9. On August 15, Jackson started first grade at ACA II. He’s doing very well so far.
  10. Our whole family traveled to Nashville, TN for the wedding of Robyn’s cousin Jessica to Andrew on September 22. Most of Robyn’s maternal family was there, including “the other Cassie” – Cascade, Robyn’s cousin Jen’s daughter. It was a lot of fun seeing the two Cassies play together.
  11. This fall, Jackson joined Cub Scouts and 4-H. He got to march in the Veteran’s Day parade with his troop. For 4-H, he will be doing the Rabbit Project, which means he’ll be getting a bunny. God help us all.
  12. Cassie turned one on October 25. We had a huge party in the park for her on October 21. She had a number of firsts this year: her first time crawling on June 7, her first tooth on June 22, her first word (“cat”) on August 24, her first baseball game (Red Sox v. A’s) on September 1, and her first steps on September 4, which happens to be Grandma Sandy’s birthday.
  13. On December 5, Robyn’s father, Bob, turned 75. We celebrated with a family dinner at a Polish cafe.

Happy Holidays and a Very Merry New Year!

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