Court Date

Christmas preparations have me all over the place, but I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know: We have our court date for Cassie’s finalization! January 15, 2013, two days before Jackson’s birthday. It’s a Tuesday. We don’t want Jackson to miss three days of school, plus the round-trip is $500+, so he’ll be staying here. Hopefully, we’ll find a school friend who will be kind enough to take him for the duration.

We had the option of finalizing in California or Louisiana. We asked the facilitator, the lawyer, and our CA social worker what the difference was. The facilitator told us specifically that we didn’t have to go back to LA, and said there wasn’t any difference. The lawyer told us what the finalization would cost and how long it would take in LA. He didn’t tell us we had to go back to LA. The CA social worker told us how much it would cost and how long it would take in CA. It was about $1500 more to finalize in CA, plus there were some extra hoops on the post-placement side, so we decided to finalize in LA, not knowing that the monetary difference would be moot because we had to go back to LA. If we knew then what we know now, we would have chosen to finalize in CA.

On the bright side, we will be seeing Cassie’s birth parents when we go back. When we took Jackson back to MO to finalize (when he was 8 months old), S said that seeing him really helped her to know that she had made the right decision in placing him. I hope the same is true for Cassie’s birth parents. I guess we’ll see.



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