Hey Californians! VOTE!

It’s November 5th, do you know where your polling place is?

Cassie and I will be going to vote after her first nap. I always take a child with me to vote. I feel it’s important to show them the democratic process.

As you may have guessed, I’ll be voting for Obama. I like health care, reproductive rights, civil rights, Sesame Street, helping people who need it, and taxing millionaires.

On a state level, I’ll be voting Democrat. Aside from Feinstein – who will be in office until term limits are implemented or until she’s dead – I like the candidates just fine.

Now, as for the Propositions.

  • Proposition 30: HECK YES! I’ll let you in on a little secret. California’s top income bracket starts at $96,000 for people filing jointly. So people who make $100,000 per year are paying the same, percentage-wise, as people who make more than $1,000,000 per year. That’s outrageous! Especially when our schools need money. Let’s add a couple of income tax brackets and help our schools.
  • Proposition 31: No. I don’t particularly understand Prop. 31, but every organization I respect tells me to vote no.
  • Proposition 32: HECK NO! It’s a sham! Unions get no political clout, while corporations increase theirs. No thank you.
  • Proposition 33: NO! Another sham, designed to make more money for the insurance industry, and hurt the little guy.
  • Proposition 34: Yes. While I’m on the fence about the morality of the death penalty in general, I do know two things. One, having the death penalty costs us more money than not having the death penalty. Two, since 1973, 141 people have been released from death row because their innocence was proven. How many innocent people have been executed? That’s not OK with me.
  • Proposition 35: Yes. Increase penalties for sex trafficking. I find it interesting that the opposition to Prop. 35 comes from an “erotic services provider” who somehow thinks that her son will be penalized under this bill, because she provides for him with her income. The rebuttal discusses legalizing prostitution. If you want to start a petition for a ballot measure to legalize prostitution between consenting adults, I might get behind that. (But that’s another post.) This measure penalizes actual sex traffickers and not their victims.
  • Proposition 36: Yes. Three strikes doesn’t work. End of story.
  • Proposition 37: YES! Tell me what’s in my food, please!
  • Proposition 38: NO. See Proposition 30. Prop. 38 taxes everyone, so millionaires still pay the same, percentage-wise, as non-millionaires. Not OK.
  • Proposition 39: YES! Businesses shouldn’t get away with not paying taxes here if they are here. And don’t tell me businesses are going to suddenly up and leave the state en masse because of this. California has an economy greater than that of many nations. We also have the best weather.
  • Proposition 40: Yes. It seems to be a moot point anyway.

Antioch also has several city-wide elections. I will not be voting for any incumbents. I don’t like them, especially the Mayor and the City Council. I don’t have anything against the School Board incumbents, per se, but they’re all senior citizens. I’d like to see some younger blood (and yes, I know I’m 37) on the Board. People who have kids in school now, who have been through school a little bit more recently themselves. To that end, I’m voting for De’shawn Woolridge for Community College Board. He’s just been through the system himself.

So that’s me. I’m hoping I’ll wake up on November 6 to FOUR MORE YEARS of Obama, if for no other reason than I’ll have a shot at getting health care in 2014.

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