“No one likes change except a wet baby.”
~Mark Twain

Since January 2005, Max has worked from home. He has occasionally needed to go somewhere to work for a day here or there, but spent most of his time at home. Heck, we even built a home office last year. We expected him to stay with his current employer/client for another year, bringing him through 2013. Then, the next project with that employer/client was put on hold, so Max had to find another contract…

Now, Max works in the City (San Francisco for those of you who aren’t in the Bay Area). Everyday. He uses BART (the train). He leaves between 7 & 7:30 and gets back about 6:30.

For most of 2011, I worked nights. I would go to bed around 2 or 3 a.m. I stopped working (well, at least paid work) nights in December, but I kept using night time to get things done. Thus, I would call it an early night if I got to sleep by 1 a.m. I used to be able to sleep ’til 8:30 or 9. Now, I have to wake up at 7. So, I’m trying my best to be in bed by midnight. Which means a lot of stuff doesn’t get done.

I used to be able to leave the sleeping baby with him. Now, I’m going to need someone to pick Jackson up from school on most days, because I hate waking Cassie in the middle of a nap. (Oh the shrieking!)

I used to be able to run a quick errand without the kids. Now, I’m going grocery shopping at 8:30 p.m. to avoid running into nap time and listening to Jackson complain about errands and ask for Sponge Bob Go-gurt.

I am not liking this change. It was made much harder last week thanks to my doctor and SDS Pharmacy, who decided that me running out of my main pain medication wasn’t really a problem. I haven’t had it since last Saturday (the 5th).

I am so glad that school starts tomorrow. I really don’t know how people stay sane.


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