Cassie is 9 Months Old!

We interrupt this trip down memory lane to bring you breaking news… Cassie is NINE months old today!

Cassie with her bear and bee

Cassie is 9 Months Old!

She is 29 3/4 inches tall and 21 lbs., 10 oz.

She has two teeth. Unfortunately, she almost knocked one out in a cruising accident. She was cruising the coffee table and started chewing on it. She fell down and almost pulled one of her teeth out. The dentist said that it should be all right.

Turning to milestones…

Cassie will work to get a toy that’s out of reach. She will work even harder to get food that is out of reach. She will work hardest to get a cat or electronic item that is out of reach. We actually got her her own remote control. Elmo says all of the numbers and the other Sesame Street characters have cameos. She will object if you try to take something that she wants away.

Cassie does look for objects when she drops them, but she doesn’t play “dropsy.” She does play peekaboo.

She loves to pull up to standing now. It’s her favorite way to be. Sitting? That’s so 3 months ago! She wants to cruise. We gave her a walker toy, but she prefers to push around her Brightlings Station to get around on two legs. She has stood on her own for several seconds. I thought she’d be standing by now, but it may take a little while longer.

She’s crawling all over the place. Thankfully, Max bought me an early anniversary present – a Baby Jail! That is, a play yard that we set up in the dining room. Cassie runs hot and cold on it.

Cassie does get into a sitting position from her stomach and from her back. In fact, she’s started to roll over during diaper changes. I used to be able to distract her with a baby cell phone, but that only holds her interest for so long. I need a new toy.

Cassie has very good fine motor skills. She can pick up objects with her thumb and forefinger. She’s capable of picking up teeny tiny objects from the floor and putting them in her mouth very quickly. I sweep nightly. Fortunately, what she loves picking up most are “O’s” – Joe O’s, the Trader Joe’s version of Cheerios. They are her favorite food. She also enjoys yogurt and anything made with yogurt, peach, and funky food combinations.

Cassie does say “Mamamaamamamamaam” and “Dadadadadada” as well as a few other babbly words. (For the record, Jackson had two words at age 9 months – “hi” and “Daddy.” Of course, he didn’t crawl until 11 months.) We’ve been watching Signing Time every day, which she loves. However, she hasn’t picked up any signs yet.

So, the 9-month milestones say that a baby “may even be able to… drink from a cup independently.” Cassie has been doing that since she was 4-months old. She has to have a drink if everyone else has one too.

I have lots of pictures, but I am very tired. I’ll do a photos post on the 31st. I want to get this update out while it’s still Cassie’s 9-month birthday.

One thought on “Cassie is 9 Months Old!

  1. I love these posts!! Our baby girl is exactly three months behind Cassie and I love to see where she will be in three short months! I have GOT to get baby proofing! She gets better and better at scooting backwards each day- I dont want to think about walking yet! 🙂

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