10 Days ‘Til 10 Years: This Is How You Make a Marriage Proposal

On July 27, Max and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I’ve decided to post something new everyday about us. Because it’s my blog, and I can. 

 July 5, 2001
Every year, Max and I had his college improv troupe over for 4th of July. It’s a rather long story, but Max co-founded CMU’s No Parking Players. After he graduated and we moved into the townhouse in 1999, we started having current members and alumni spend the weekend with us. It. Was. Awesome.
In 2001, 4th of July was on a Wednesday, so we had people over for the weekend of the 6th. On the 5th, I was at work, as usual, when I received a call from Max.
Max: When are you coming home?
Me: Umm… the usual time.
Max: Well, Taylor’s coming over to go to the game [we were seeing the Nashua Pride that night] and I want you to take a look at the groceries I bought today. Can you come home early?
Me: [he wants me to look at groceries?] OK… sure.
I left work a little early and I pulled into the parking lot of our complex. I could see Max staring out the window waiting for me. When I came in the door, he grabbed me and started pulling me toward the kitchen. I was like, “Can I put my stuff down first?” He allowed me to do so, but I wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom, and opened the refrigerator.
He started showing me all of the stuff he had gotten for the weekend. He got down and showed me the full vegetable and fruit bins. I noticed that he had gotten the wrong kind of Cool Whip, and started to say something. That’s when he opened the butter door.
There was a ring box in the refrigerator’s dairy compartment. Max took out the ring box, opened it, and said, “Will you marry me?”
He then said something to the effect of, “If you don’t like the ring, I can take it back.”
I freaked out.
I was very surprised. Shocked even. I kept saying, “You’re not really doing this.”
I also told him that the ring was beautiful.
Max stood up.
Max: Do you want to sit down?
Me: No, I don’t want to sit down! [In fact, I paced the entire time.]
Max: Then can I sit down? [Apparently, the floor’s tile wasn’t very comfortable.]
Me: Yes, you can sit down.
Some conversation happened. I don’t recall exactly, then…
Me: You want to get married?
Max: No, but I want to be married.
Me: You want to be married to me?
Max: Yes, I want to be married to you.
Me: Oh.
Max: Should I ask again?
Me: Yes.
Max: Can I do it on carpet this time?
Me: Yes.
Max got down on one knee in the dining room.
Max: Will you marry me?
Me: Yes.
At that point, we didn’t have much time until Max’s best friend Taylor arrived to go to the Nashua Pride baseball game. We called my parents first. My mom was over the moon. Then, we called Max’s parents. His parents were very nonchalant. They had been assuming this would happen eventually. Until that day, I called Max’s mom “Mrs. Chittister.” I realized that I would have to call her “Sandy” because I would be Mrs. Chittister. That was weird.
Taylor showed up while we were talking to Max’s parents, so we made him go to the bathroom while we finished up.
Max: Dude, I need a best man.
Taylor: Dude. Congrats! [Man hug/handshake.]
And that was the proposal.

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