10 Days ‘Til 10 Years: Timeline

On July 27, Max and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I’ve decided to post something new everyday about us. Because it’s my blog, and I can. 

A Brief Timeline of Max and Robyn’s Relationship (The First Eight Years)
August 1994: Max meets Robyn. (Technically, Robyn meets him too, but doesn’t remember.)
December 1994: Robyn meets Max for at least the second time. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember this either.
February 1995: Robyn meets Max and remembers meeting him.
June 1995: Max tells Robyn, via a letter, that he is interested in her romantically. Robyn is (stupidly) dating someone else.
September 1995: Robyn and the someone else break up.
September 30 – October 1, 1995: Max and Robyn spend the night in the Drill Deck (not that way).
October 16, 1995: After discussing all of the reasons why we shouldn’t do it, Robyn kisses Max. Robyn and Max officially begin dating.
December 1995: Max visits Robyn in California for Christmas.
Spring Semester 1996: Max and Robyn work together for Computing Skills Workshop.
May 1996 – August 1996: Robyn gets an internship at Microsoft in Seattle. She and Max do the long-distance relationship thing all summer.
August 1996 – May 1997: Max and Robyn live together (on separate floors) with two other friends.
May 18, 1997: Robyn graduates from CMU and heads to California’s Silicon Valley.
May 1997 – August 1997: Max gets an internship for Oracle in Redwood Shores. He and Robyn don’t have to do the long-distance relationship thing all summer.
August 1997: Max returns to Pittsburgh for his senior year at CMU.
May 17, 1998: Max graduates from CMU and takes a job with Oracle… in New Hampshire.
August 1998: Max and Robyn meet in Chicago for the Chicago Comic Con.
October 1998: Robyn decides to quit Hotmail and move to New Hampshire to be with Max.
March 1999: Oracle buys e-Travel, the software start-up Robyn works for. Now Max and Robyn both work for Oracle.
June 1999: Max and Robyn move in together.
July 1999: Robyn transfers to Oracle Documentation Tools. Now Max and Robyn both work on the same floor of the same building.
March 2001: Max quits Oracle.
July 5, 2001: Max asks Robyn to marry him. She says yes.
September 8, 2001: Max and Robyn move into their first house.
July 27, 2002: Max and Robyn get married in Enfield, NH.

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