We’ve started off summer break by being sick.

Max got a cold and a wicked sore throat last Monday. I started getting the sore throat on Friday. On Saturday, I hid in bed because my throat hurt so much. When I looked in the mirror, the right side of my neck had one more chin than it usually does. It’s very easy to see; even my neighbor noticed.

On Sunday, I got out of bed at 6:30 to try and get some tea. I couldn’t swallow anything. It hurt so much, I’d just spit it out. At 8:00, I decided to go to the ER.

At the ER, I received IV fluids for dehydration, IV steroids to try and shrink the infected lymph node in my throat, IV antibiotics to target the infection, and IV painkillers because after all the rest, I still couldn’t drink anything.

I can swallow today, but it’s still painful. I have to follow up with my doctor in the next day or two.

I can’t talk very well, and when I do talk, it hurts.

I can tell that my body is fighting off an infection.

Someone called this morning, and apparently got offended when Max told them I couldn’t talk, literally. Well, I called her back and left a message in my little dying Powerpuff Girl voice. Blah.

And did I mention I don’t have health insurance? Friggin’ pre-existing conditions…

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