Last Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday (June 7th) was Jackson’s last day of Kindergarten (or Primary, as it’s known at ACA II). This August, he’ll be in First Grade (aka Elementary, aka “the big class”).

Jackson outside his classroom

First Day of Kindergarten

Here he is at his school play, Coyote Steals Summer. He was a Brown Fox.

Jackson as a Brown Fox for the Last Day of School Play

Brown Fox for the Last Day of School Play

When we got into ACA II, two of our friends got into ACA. I was bummed to be on the fairgrounds, but happy that we didn’t have to go to our nearest public school. Well, I’m no longer bummed! The families at ACA II have been very welcoming. We’ve made many new friends. We’ve very happy that Jackson – all of us – are at ACA II!

There are 67 days of summer vacation. Now, I’m all for a little break, but I’m not one of those moms who is like, “Oh my baby’s home! No schedule! We can do whatever we want!” I like routine. If Jackson doesn’t have something to do for too long, he turns into a terror. So, if you’re local and you’re reading this: We want play dates!

A friend of mine noted that she had mixed feelings about her daughter being in First Grade because it seems like she’s growing up so fast. I hear that! It’s great to see Jackson learn so many new things, and understand so much of what’s going on around him. But every day, I’m keenly aware that Cassie is the last baby this household will have, and that one day, she’s going to be that big girl, just like Jackson is such a big boy.


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